The latest on the University of Hartford

In case anyone is interested, there’s a report developed by Scott Galloway, marketing professor at NYU, that forecasts the viability of 400 universities. Here’s a link to an article about his research:

Scroll to the 4th paragraph and you’ll see UHart included in the group expected to “perish.”

All I can say is WOW… you really have nothing else to do but bash UHart. Maybe you should get a life. I may have made that comment a couple of years ago, but now I need to make it again. Please find some other hobby to occupy you time other than bash UHart. Maybe take up golf, join a club, read some books, etc… but please stop coming to this page to do nothing but bash a school that a lot of people are very happy with.

According to information I read in the past week or so, UHart had 1,300 new students enroll in this years freshman class. Even during the pandemic, when many other schools put new buildings and other construction on hold, UHart continued construction of the new academic building which will be used for the health sciences (such as nursing and physical therapy) and engineering/architecture - fields which will remain strong for the future and are definitely not going away. If UHart continues to invest in the health sciences and engineering - along with their already solid reputation in other areas such as the Barney School of Business (where they have also invested recently) and the Hartt school, I think UHart will survive the pandemic and thrive into the future. I agree there will be some schools that perish, but due to the emphasis in the majors I mentioned above, I feel UHart will survive. Please take your negative talk elsewhere, as I am really sick of it after all these years… I have a son who is a UHart Alum and a son who is a present engineering student. Both love the school and were/are very happy there.

I’m very grateful for your response here. My son is about to make his choice of colleges, UHart currently being his top choice followed by Illinois State and Bradley… and reading through this thread, my heart sunk. The poster of all the negativity makes Uhart sound like a financially collapsing wasteland of drug addicts and murderers and underachievers… not exactly what will help THIS mom sleep at night!!!

The negative poster has an axe to grind against UHa for some reason (expelled, fired, laid off???). UHa has just built a brand new building for its expanding PA/PT/OT majors and is expanding many other programs. My DS and I toured their last February 2020. My cousin graduated from there in the 1980’s and while some buildings (the gym, a few of the dorms, the apartments) look like they are in desperate need of updating, you can see that they are also trying to make upgrades. I wouldn’t count it out as a school. Ignore that one bad poster since when anything is that excessively negative over and over in thread after thread about a school - it goes way beyond “fact” and becomes “personal”. If UHa checks all of the boxes for your son, then follow his heart on this one…he can always transfer if he doesn’t like it.

Thank you!!! He does like it a lot. He’ll be part of the Art School for photography and it seems like a great community of kids and faculty. He also really liked the Bradley campus, but OMG the surrounding Peoria IL area seems awful. I joined CC just to ask parents here about Bradley/Peoria experiences, but no responses yet. If you… or anyone else here… has any input… I’d really like to hear it.
This college search (especially during a pandemic) is kicking my ass!!!

Ps. Agreed re: transferring… always an option if necessary.


UHartford appeared among good company in this article on literary colleges:

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We live about half an hour from University of Hartford. I actually went there in the 1980’s for one of my degrees and so did some other members of the family. UHa isn’t in the city, it is on the outskirts so there is less risk of issues (no place is ever 100% issue free). When I went back with my DS for a tour in February 2020, I was pleased to see that they had made some updates to the campus. When I was there, Greek Life was very prominent, as were athletics. I had a minor in Theater and at least back then, and I know that all of their visual and performing arts programs were strong and have only grown stronger. My DS has two friends going there for their music programs.

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This thread is entitled “the latest news on the University of Hartford”. I just want to point out…this latest news post was written in 2018.

My husband is a 1985 alum of the engineering school…which continues to be well regarded…as are the art school, and Hartt. Our kids did pre-college orchestra there for years. We have friends and neighbors who are more recent grads.

No college is perfect all around. But this poster from 2018 paints a very bleak picture when really, this school is doing good things for many.

And it’s “ranking” never affected my DHs ability to get terrific jobs with great companies. We donate to their annual alum fund every single year.

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I don’t know about all the departments of the school. The campus is lovely, located at the border of West Hartford, Hartford, and Bloomfield. It is safe - has the feel of a suburban campus, no slum streets right outside its gates; in fact, the closest houses are mansions, and then a middle to upper middle class suburban area.

Hartt school of music is a wonderful school, especially for someone who wants music ed, whether alone or combined with performance. The atmosphere seems to be collaborative and supportive, rather than cutthroat competitive. Their students get great internships in the surrounding public schools, many of which have excellent music programs, and their graduates in music ed get hired. The faculty is highly accomplished.

The area has at least five large teaching hospitals, so I would imagine that any of their ancillary health programs would be good. They have accredited BSN, RN to BSN, and MSN programs.

The drug arrest on campus was five years ago, related to a student who was dealing and living in the dorm on campus. That can happen on any campus, at any school.

I would not write U Hartford off based upon the OP’s writings.


Totally agree!

My son has had nothing but great experiences at UHa so far (he’s accepted but not enrolled quite yet) — from touring the campus, to spending a little time in West Hartford getting lunch, to participating in the full tuition Art School challenge last weekend. It seems like a very good fit for him. Can’t thank you and others enough for supplying me with all this information, contradicting that other poster’s disturbing comments.

Hello all, my son will be attending UHart this fall for the direct entry DPT program. Does anybody know the difference between the newer Hawk halls and the other freshman halls?

My son loves company but he prefers peace and quiet when studying and does not like combine study in groups. He is otherwise a very social animal and a typical boy.

Does anyone know if the older freshman halls have Air con? We did a tour of the campus and did see an air con in the older freshman halls but many sites/ comments indicate they don’t have it. Which is true?

Thank you all in advance!

I think you might have more luck if you were to start a new thread, something like “Which dorms at U Hartford have A/C?”

This thread, along with other threads about U Hartford, appears to have been begun by someone who has an axe to grind against the school, probably a disgruntled ex-employee. Better to let it die a natural death.