The MOB/MOG Dress Extravaganza!

I ordered this dress to wear to a nightime “cocktail attire” wedding that I’m attending in a couple of weeks. I loved the color in the picture, but the actual color is bright, super sparkly purple (in the picture it looks much more muted & subdued - shimmer & sparkle to me, are two different things). Unless I was headed to Vegas or Mardi-Gras, it was just too much. Back it goes!

Dress The Population Lois Ruched Shimmer Bodycon Dress | Neiman Marcus

That’s too bad because I love that dress! And the color in the picture is really pretty

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I know! And the silhouette is perfect for me :pensive:

I like both the dresses. The black one does not scream funeral, so I think it’s fine. Hard to know how they look minus 25 pounds. That’s a lot!

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Both are nice dresses. :slight_smile: I’m a fan of all things blue, but the black one is just as lovely and definitely fine for a wedding guest.

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I like the blue dress. But… if you lost 25 lb it might be fun to get a “new” dress. Thrift stores might have some nice styles from past seasons.


Here is a dress in a similar silhouette. Comes in several colors:

Here is the same style but sleeveless. Also comes in several colors:

Same, but without the embellishment at the waist, but on sale. I recently purchased this dress:

These are obviously not sparkly, if that is what you are wanting.

I recently wore the sleeveless style (in summer plum) to an Oscar watch party. I’ll try to insert a pic:


I like the blue, but think either would be fine.


Team Blue

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Team blue FTW! :laughing:


Those are great - thank you!

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Team Blue it is! Not that I won’t keep an eye on the stores…

Nowhere near as loose as I expected - I must have worn powerful undergarments in the past. (It’s a 14W; I’m a regular 14 now.) I also realized I can wear my mother’s small sapphire necklace to further bring her memory to her grandson’s wedding; already planning to wear her diamond ring.

I can make a last minute choice on which shoes depending on how my feet and ankles are doing, and even change during the evening if necessary. I do not like my feet.


Looks great! These types of dresses are very forgiving and flattering.


I’m team blue too! Love the dress—solids look dressier to me.


I was hoping to do my first pass of dress shopping in person, but hubby has Covid (probably not from mine 3 weeks back - we were exposed at a dinner party)… so decided to start with some Macy mailorder with 25% off code. Then most or all of the dresses will get returned at store.

For son’s Garden Semi Formal outdoor wedding, brights/florals encouraged. I’d prefer solid if I can find it. Avoiding lavender (bridesmaids) and blue (MOB).

Below are the solid dresses in my order. I don’t love either color, but photos are not always accurate. Gotta start somewhere to hone in on desired style/size. I am a “petite pear”, and dress shopping can be hard.


@Colorado_mom I’ve been (window) shopping online for dress to wear to a couple of events and came across this dress. At first look, seems to match what you’re looking for — floral and comes in a few different colors and petite sizes.

Are we voting? I like the Alex Evening dress…

LOL - Maybe we can vote once I try on the dresses and narrow it down to ones that look good on me. They are supposed to arrive on Thursday.

In the meantime, here’s photo of the two patterned dresses… though neither as muted a print as I’d like.

On a lark I also ordered this yellow dress. It’s not as dressy as I’d like for the wedding. But it’s the one color my color blind Dad has always liked for dresses. The price is right, and I could maybe wear it Friday night.

Another brand of nice dresses is Teri Jon. It’s on the higher price point but for those looking it might be an option. @Colorado_mom i like the Alex Evening. I wore a similar style but long as MOB in navy. I think mine was Ralph Lauren also from Macy’s.


This isn’t petite but does come in XXS in some of the colors:

Also not petite but size 0. I wish I had somewhere to wear this dress!

This one is petite: