The Offical Where Are You Applying To Thread

<p>well im already accepted at Pitt and that's my #2 but my #1 is Clemson and I don't think i'll get in</p>

UC Berkeley

<p>Well pierre if I recall correctly you got a 34 on the ACT which should help you a lot with admissions at Clemson.</p>

<p>University of San Francisco
Santa Clara University
American university
Catholic University of America
Richmond University in London
University of Richmond
Cal Poly SLO
San Diego State (maybe)
UC berkeley
UC Santa Cruz
UC Irvine (maybe)
New York University
Pepperdine University</p>

<p>Fordham Univ.
Loyola Univ. (MD)
Providence College
Siena College
Manhattan College
St. Joseph’s Univ.
Univ. Scranton
Holy Cross (super duper Reach LOL)</p>

<p>Loyola and Providence are probably my 1st choices right now.</p>

<p>Well, this is a necro thread lol, but… </p>

<p>Columbia University
University of Chicago
Brown University
Yale University
Amherst College
Harvard University
Skidmore College
McGill University
University of Connecticut</p>

<p>University of Wisconsin - Madison
Loyola University Chicago
University of Chicago
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Michigan State University
University of Michigan
University of Illinois - Chicago
Penn State University
Boston College
University of Alabama
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
St John’s University - Queens
Maybe Holy Cross and Colgate</p>