The Official M10 2021 Freakout Thread

Hi @bostongirl123 - I am always happy to answer questions! Let’s address a couple of concerns that apply to many schools.

  • Dress code: Please don’t sweat it (no pun intended). My kiddo would have freaked out about the thought of having to wear a jacket or blazer a few years ago. Now, it’s really not a big deal. The dress code is relaxed in Winter (when it is needed) and students at Deerfield during that term wear sweats, jeans, pants with sweat shirts or sweaters. There are a few boys that wear shorts and flip flops all year long - they never get cold. Most girls at DA really don’t mind it and tend to have more latitude about dress code than the guys, IMHO. You have a blazer or jacket with you - wear it to class - if you’re too warm, take it off. Everyone is in the same situation Fall & Spring term - not a big deal.

Concern about the rural location: I get it if you are coming from the city. The campus is beautiful and the entire region around school is magnificent. It might be the only time in your life when you will have this opportunity to just chill out, be with classmates, and not distracted by an urban area. It’s not for everyone, but even kids from the city seem to have enough to do on weekends. The campus community is strengthened IMHO by the school’s location. There are activities every weekend. I know kids who attend schools within or closer to cities and they feel more lonely on weekends because their student body clears out on Friday. Deerfield isn’t like that. There are a lot of sporting events, plays, concerts, activities (during non-COVID times). There is a bus that takes students into town on Friday afternoon and sometimes also on Saturday. You are about 20-25 minutes to Amherst or Hadley - closest Chipolte and other houses of fine cuisine. Deerfield has a number of hang out places for snacks & coffee. Nobody is starving. Delivery Dudes and other delivery services bring your favorite cuisine. Shopping is easy with Amazon. By contrast, Andover and Exeter are within walking distance of towns. Frankly, the best location for off-campus fun is SGS - at least they have the “Dragon Wagon” to shuttle them to Newport!

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Thank you so much for always answering (and quickly too)! I’m honestly so indecisive and worry about making the right decision. I think I’ll hop back over to the Deerfield thread and reread and see if I have any more questions, but definitely considering committing! Thanks again!

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We are a supportive bunch here on CC! :hugs: There are a lot of “What If’s” in the decision process. BTW…don’t worry about the athletics either…there are some sports that have 3 levels of team (soccer might even have 4) and people are just going to be really happy to play after being benched due to COVID.

One last nugget of advice: Don’t worry about the school (which ever one you choose) disappointing you. Instead, don’t you disappoint the school. Bring your self to the experience, be open to new experiences, give of yourself to your new school and the folks you will be with for the next few years.


Alright open question to people who have already made a decision lol: how did you realize you found the right fit, and how did you do it if you didn’t get to visit in person?

i did it before visiting in person. I knew at online revisit days. Just seeing the students and communicating with the faculty made me realize how much of a fit it was. I think I leaned towards Hill from the start, but that’s when I really knew. I visited in person the next day, and was certain that’s where I would spend the next 3 years of my life.


I did have a revisit day, because the school was near me. However, even before I had the revisit, I made up my mind. I think I just took into consideration how well and how far I would go at that school, and tried to imagine myself there. Out of the three schools I got into, I saw myself easiest at Loomis. Factor in the pros and cons, and take some time to talk it over with parents. Good luck in making your decision!


Just had to watch my sister cry her eyes out after she got waitlisted at Yale and to lighten the mood I said I got waitlisted at a school I really liked on M10 too. She gave me the worse death stare ever. :sweat_smile:


:skull::skull:thats kinda funny but in all seriousness tho i’m sorry and those ivies don’t deserve her

My sister just got into Cornell, but rejected at Harvard and Brown. Shes’s excited she at least got into an ivy :joy:


Hi! I’m pretty new to CC but have been reading the thread. I’m an international student and just committed to Milton as well!

Yeah but she got into U Chicago so she’s pretty content!

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any incoming 10th graders going to deerfield?
and did anyone reject exeter for 10th grade?

Is anyone here going to Middlesex for 9th grade?

any hill 10th graders?

If we’re doing this, Westover 10th graders?

Or 9th graders, or any Westover students LOL

I wanna make friends before school starts (:

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wow this thread is almost at 4k

Anyone coming into Exeter for 10th grade?