The Official UC Chance Thread

<p>12th grade classes:
Ceramics I
AP English
Spanish III
Pre Cal
AP BIO</p>

Low Income
First Generation
UC GPA: 3.5
SAT I: 1700
ACT: 23
SAT II: 530 (Bio-M) 480 (Math IIC)
volunteer 92 hrs
work experience
art club + interact club</p>

Chemistry </p>

<p>Senior AP Classes:
AP Calculus AB, Ap Environmental Science, AP Art</p>

<p>low gpa because of major financial difficulties and family problems during junior year.
currently only one working parent.</p>

<p>do i have a chance at uc irvine or uc davis (the ones i'm applying to) at all? i know my stats are really poor... T T would a good essay + being low income/first gen + senior schedule compensate for any of it?</p>

<p>i want to major in biological sciences......</p>

<p>Bio is an impacted major at most UC's, especially UCD...Just FYI.</p>

<p>chances? **see above stats... THANX!</p>

UC gpa of 3.6
SAT: First sitting- M: 580 CR: 540 W: 510
Second Sitting- M: 600 CR: 600 W: 490
SAT subject tests: math II- 610 us history-620</p>

<p>in the middle of my sophomore year, i moved across the country, from florida to california. so one of my essays is about that. and my other essay is about how going to nyc and seeing all of the homeless made me want to do a lot of community service to help the underprivileged in general. </p>

<p>i have a big improvement range throughout high school.
9th grade was 3.2
10th was 3.5
11th was 4.2</p>

<p>I took AP Psych (got a 5) AP US history (3) and AP Lang/Comp (3)</p>

<p>Senior Courses:
AP Calc AB
AP Environ Sci
AP Lit/Comp
AP Gov</p>

<p>As for ECs..
School Newspaper Treasurer (senior year only bc this is the first year it started, i helped get it up and running also)
CSF for 2 years.
Mentoring Program 2 years
Character counts for 2(was treasurer for the first year).
Key Club for 2.
the only reason i dont have an EC for all four years is because i moved states and Florida didnt obviously have CSF and they didnt have Character counts. so i just did key club there. I have a ton of community service. I also voluteered at a place that teaches kids about the ocean and how its important to keep it clean.
Also I work outside of school a lot...
a couple years at petco and also ive been tutoring a couple kids in math.</p>

<p>Please if someone can guide me to where is my best bet to apply and actually have a shot at. I was hoping for UCSB. or UCD. Thanks!! :)</p>

<p>CA Instate, Pakistani male
GPA(UC) - 3.60</p>

<p>Community College classes:
Spanish 1B - A
Chem 3 - A
Calc I - in progress (probably an A when finished in Dec.)
Calc II - planned
Chem 1A - planned</p>

<p>Senior Year Coursework:
Marching Band
Wind Symphony
AP Stat
AP Euro. Hist.
AP Gov/H Political Econ.
Contemporary Lit.</p>

<p>SAT Reasoning - 670(CR), 670(M), 620(W, 8 Essay)
1960 w/Writing
1340 CR/M</p>

<p>SAT Subjects Tests:
740 - math level 2
650 - Bio M. Retaking in December.
640 - Physics</p>

C - 32
E - 34
M - 33
R- 31
S - 30
E/W - 34, 11 essay</p>

Bio - 4
Physics - 3
Art Hist - 2
Comp Sci AB - 1
Euro Hist/Gov/Stat - planned</p>

Music Letter
Best Trumpet Section Award at Irvine Jazz Festival
City of Irvine award for community service dedication
Principal's Honor Roll - 5 time recipient</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Band Staff - Selective marching band position that sets up field and manages supplies
Section Leader - trumpet section leader in marching band
Solo Trumpet - solo trumpet player in jazz band for 3 years
German Club Board Member - Junior class rep.
Current Science Club, Environmental Club, Model United Nations (senior member), Video Game Association, Chess Club</p>

<p>Community Service:
Hoag Memorial Hospital Candystriper - over 230 hours of service in CCU/ICU department.
Lakeview Senior Center - 50+ hours doing desk, faculty, and cafeteria jobs.
LIT (Leaders in Training) - City-hosted community service program where growing leaders help out at parks and watch over kids, developing strong leadership abilities. 2 year member, over 50 hours (summer only).</p>

<p>Non A-G classes:
Marching Band - 4 yrs.
Student Aid - two semesters with the same teacher.
Physical Education
Introduction to Music Theory
Sat Preparation</p>

<p>Educational Preparation Programs:
Elite Education Institute - SAT II and AP preparation
ACI Institute - SAT and SAT II preparation</p>

<p>Chances at:
Berkeley - Undeclared/Nat Resources
UCLA - Undeclared-Life Science
Davis - Civil Engineering
Irvine - Civil Engineering
Santa Barbara - Electrical Engineering
San Diego - Bioengineering (possibly thinking about biological sciences in general as well)</p>

<p>Thank you in advance. :)</p>

Grade improvement over time helps a lot to justify the low GPA. SATs are very low, but a 1690 should pull through. I wouldn't say that SB and D are "in for sure", but you have a very reasonable shot at both.</p>

Berkeley-Mid Reach
UCLA-Mid Reach
SD (Bioengineering)-Mid/Low Reach
I would suggest applying to biology at UCSD, because I believe they screen you again if you apply for bioengineering (of course you probably just get your second choice in that event) Depending on how much you're willing to hedge that UCs give preference to race, and how strong you think your ECs and PSs are, you could see your chances at UCLA and Berkeley improve, although with a 3.6 UC GPA, it makes a chance at either difficult.</p>

<p>^Thank you Peppers.</p>

<p>Just some clarification. Are you saying it'd be harder for me to get into SD's bio engineering program because they do further screening? I thought most if not all UC's did further screening for engineering applicants. Or do you simply mean my chances aren't very high to begin with, and it would make more sense to not apply in engineering? Sorry if that sounds confusing lol.</p>

<p>^Yes to the latter. I would suggest that, unless you really want to do bioengineering, you should stick with a general biology major and hope to transfer into the bioengineering department later on.</p>

<p>Also, @Xenocide, Biology is not an impacted major at any UCs. No majors in the CL&S are impacted.</p>

<p>California Resident - Indian Male
Biochem/Molecular Bio Major</p>

<p>Class Rank: Top 25%, That is as detailed as my councilor would say, but I'm sure it is in the lower part of the twenties
WGPA - 4.0 (my UC GPA is the same)
UWGPA - 3.74
(these do not include CC courses, although I only have one which was Fundamental Chem)
SATI: 2020 (M:800, R:630, W:590 Essay: 8)
ACT: 30 (M: 34, S: 35, E: 25, R: 24 Essay: 8)
SATII: Math IIc - 760, Bio - 750, Physics - 740 (All the same day but I doubt they care)
AP: CS AB - 5, Phy - 4, Bio - 5</p>

<p>Senior Year
H Span 4
AP Gov/H Econ
Contemp Lit
AP Enviro
AP Chem
Calculus (CSUF class taught on our campus)
Symphonic Band</p>

<p>Upward Trend Student Junior GPA > Sophomore GPA > Freshman GPA</p>

Volunteer Work:
100+ hours with YAT
These next two I just joined this year
IPAC - Child care about 4 hours a week
Aid for Africa - Fund raising about 1 hour a week</p>

MUN - Junior and Senior year
YAT - All years (basically meetings for volunteer sign up)
Science Olympiad - more of a team of 30 people that you have to try out for, but we did club like things. Junior year (no longer able to keep two teams so I couldn't join again)
Math Olympiad - This was actually a club. Junior and Senior year
Aid for Africa - Discussion
Current Science Club - Debates over things happening in science. Senior year</p>

Music Letter for extensive enrollment in music program
Principal Honor Roll for grades
Charter Oak for Bio and Physics (award giving to students that excel in a subject)
Computer Science Team of 4 won 1st place at Southern Californian Programming Competition
and AP Scholor</p>

Summer before Junior and Senior year I had an internship at which I worked as a programmer, and worked with programmers in India.</p>

2 years of band staff - band material management
student forum council member - represents TA and participates in election convention (kind of like electoral college system)</p>

<p>Educational Preparation Programs:
AMC math prep thing at Chapman University.
(Not sure what else goes here)</p>

4 years of marching band</p>

Major: For most of these my main major is "Biochem and Molecular Bio" and if they did not have that it was "Biochem"</p>

UCB/UCLA-High Match/Slight Reach
UCSD-High Match/Match
UCI/UCD/UCSB-Match/Low Match

<p>Thanks again Peppers. </p>

<p>Another question, would it make sense to put Bioengineering as my primary major, and biology as my alternate major? Or should I put bio as my primary.</p>

<p>When I received my admissions letter last year, it had a little note at the bottom of it that said basically that, if you applied to an impacted major (ie. bioengineering, EE, CompSci), you would have to go through additional screening. The thing is, though, that this was the admissions letter that said this. I'm lead to believe, then, that you could put bioengineering as your primary, and biology as your alternate, and still get INTO UCSD even if you didn't get into bioengineering. To be on the safe side, I would put biology, but if you don't imagine yourself languishing in that major for how ever long it takes to transfer into bioengineering, I guess one could reasonably say that applying bioE won't diminish your chances at this point.</p>

<p>Utah Resident - South Asian (Indian) Male
GPA: UW - 3.89, W - 4.55, UC GPA - Not exactly sure how to calculate this but I believe someone told me it averages to be about 4.19
SAT I: 2030 - 630 CR, 750 M, 650 W [Retaking in December]
SAT II: Math II - 800, USH - 700
ACT: 32 C - 36 M, 34 S, 30 E, 27 R, 9 Essay [Not retaking]
APs: US History - 5, Calc AB - 5
Average School altogether, but only sends 1-2 students to Ivy League per year</p>

<p>My courses this year - Honors Anatomy and Physiology, AP Government, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Calc BC, AP English Lit</p>

Amnesty International (11,12) - Secretary in 11th, Treasurer in 12th
Key Club (11,12)
Speech and Debate (10-12) - won several local tournaments
NHS (11,12)
French Club (9-12) Treasurer in 11th
Planet Earth Club (11,12) President both years
Youth Re-Action Corps (11)
Anti-Defamation League (11,12) - Peer training sessions on diversity
Math Team
Ambassador (9)</p>


<p>I really hate giving this laundry list because while it doesn't show much commitment because of a lack of leadership positions, I'd like to think I'm pretty heavily involved in what I do.</p>

I have very little to nothing outside of debate.</p>

<p>Community Service/Random things:
Library Volunteer (200 hours)
Hospital Volunteer (150 hours) - Specifically, Preop and Pharmacy
Paleontology Research (50 hours)
Shadowing Doctors/Volunteer Secretary at Doctor's OFfice (50 hours)
Sleep Research Assistant, proficient in electroencephelography (150 hours)
Museum Volunteer (200 hours)</p>

Debate Camp
Asian Leadership Camp</p>

<p>Other random tidbits:
- I have completed all the science courses at my school besides Physics C. That adds to 4 semesters of Bio, 4 of chem, 2 of physics, 2 of anatomy and physiology.
- I won't need any financial aid.</p>

<p>With all of this information, I would really appreciate it if you guys could chance me at the Chemistry at Berkeley, Neuroscience at UCLA and UCSD. Please don't forget, I am an out of state student. </p>

<p>Thank you guys soo much,</p>


<p>Asian male, born in China, go to a very very competitive HS in NYC.</p>

<p>GPA: 87.8/100. My average goes:
Freshman: 85, 85
Sophomore: 79, 86
Junior: 92, 93
So it's going up...</p>

<p>SAT: 800M, 690CR, 730W (superscore.</p>

Math 2: 800
Physics: 790</p>

Comp-Sci AB: 5</p>

AIME qualifier (AMC: 111, AIME: 5, I think?)</p>

NYC Math Team
CS Team (captain and coach)
Engineering Team
Robotics Team
Fencing Team (benchwarmer...)</p>

<p>Summer jobs:
Computer technician at jewelry company
Software developer at Morgan Stanley</p>

<p>Berkeley and UCLA for computer engineering/science.</p>

<p>^UCs don't superscore SATs.</p>



<p>Uhm, I don't know how a 87.9 converts on the 4.0 the max weighted a 110 for you guys? Depending on how that works, you may or may not have a tough time in the OOS pool. If that converts to a 3.3 or something, then both LA and Cal are reaches. If it converts towards a 3.8+, then you're still a very viable applicant for both schools, despite your lack of APs (test scores are pretty strong)</p>

<p>I've posted in some other chance threads but after submitting, I'd like a final opinion to make sure I'll be alright only applying to four UCs. Undeclared major and no thoughts of Engineering programs so not impacted.</p>

<p>Opinions on Cal, UCLA, UCSD, UCI are greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>-California resident
-7th ranked Public High School in California
-Low Income (Fee Waiver will be used)</p>

<p>UW GPA (I know these are low but I will attempt to explain this in my notes)

<p>SAT I
2330 (800 Reading, 770 Writing, 760 Math)</p>

<p>SAT IIs
790 US History
740 Math IIC (Will be taking again in December and hopefully I won't be sick again)</p>

<p>APs Scores:
-5: AP European History
-5: AP US History
-5: AP English Language
-5: AP Psychology</p>

<p>UC Approved AP/HL Classes:
-AP Calculus AB*
-AP Economics*
-AP Government/Politics*
-AP English Literature*
-AP US History
-AP European History
-AP English Language
-AP Psychology
-HL Physics
-HL Chemistry</p>

<li>- Senior Year stuff</li>

-Leader at youth-run organization in local community which removes grafitti/trash in the community, provides childcare for local residents, and also has activities for seniors. (This is in one of the most densely populated places in the United States so the services are needed. I will be writing on my experiences with this program.)
-200+ hours at Non-Profit Org. that helps homebound HIV victims and such
-Bunch of random volunteering clubs and such (pretty meaningless so I won't elaborate</p>

-My father runs a souvenir shop and I spend a lot of time there on both weekdays and weekends helping to keep it running (Doesn't make enough to make hiring an employee reasonable). Consequently, my grades have suffered quite a bit. I will be writing essay #1 on how growing up in a souvenir shop has affected me.</p>

<p>Cal Resident
UC GPA: 3.84
SAT 1: 1950 (600cr,650m,700w)
SAT 2: 700ushist,720math2
ECs: average
Essays: good/above average
most rigorous course load available, top 25% (very competitive public school)</p>

UCB: History
UCD: Comp. Sci & Engineering
UCLA: History
UCSD: Comp. Sci. / History</p>

<p>any input appreciated; thanks!</p>