The "socially awkward" student

<p>What's the OP's definition of socially awkward? just curious...</p>

<p>@Take3: nice post! :)</p>

<p>I agree with trumpetguysmom suggestion (post#11). My D attends a college with a First Year Seminar Program. Each student is required to take a FYS in the first semester. The student may choose from a wide range of topics. Each class is limited to 16 students and the professor also becomes the students' advisor. My D took a residential class -all of the students in the class lived on the same dorm floor, but not exclusively. For example, my daughter's roommate was not in the same FYS. My D made some great friends from the class and she'll be rooming with a classmate this coming year.</p>

<p>Some schools offer optional pre-orientation community-building experiences (camping/advanture trips, etc.) for incoming freshman. Students I know who've participated in these seem to have enjoyed them a lot and arrive on campus already knowing a group of people.</p>