The University of Tennessee Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Does everyone receive a request to complete the “Elevator Pitch” video for the Volunteer Impact Program? Also, do early action applicants have an edge over the standard applicants?

Any idea when acceptances will come out ? Are kids notified via email or via regular mail package ? Crossing fingers …

From their website:
Students who apply by the early action deadline (November 1) and complete their application will be notified of an admission decision in mid-December . Students who apply by the regular admission deadline (December 15) and complete their application will be notified of an admission decision in mid-February.

Good luck!

I know EA decision come out mid-December. Has anyone heard what date?

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Last year was December 14 at 4 pm Eastern, so hoping for the same this year!


sorry, 7 pm eastern, 4 pm pacific :slight_smile:

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December 15 at 7 pm - saw it on their Instagram.


What’s the IG handle, I don’t see it.

Not yet! 12/15 or 12/16 from what I’ve read on Reddit.


Got a decision yesterday (admit). :blush::blush:. Anyone know when honors program decisions come out?


Did she get an email or just check the portal?

They have posted that decisions will come out December 15 at 7pm. How did you hear already?


I’m wondering the same. Decisions out on Wednesday. How did you already hear ?

I’m in a UTK group chat and some people who applied to honors colleges got theirs back yesterday, probably what this person’s referring to as well.

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Son got a portal status update notification. Not sure whether via email or text. He emailed his UT admissions officer to see when Honors notifications would be released. The officer said that a glitch caused several hundred application decisions to be released prematurely and that everyone who met the EA and Honors deadlines should be notified by the end of this week.

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My son pinged his UT admissions rep to see what’s up. Several hundred decisions were accidentally released early. The rep said the rest should be out by the end of this week.


So my student already got their email and portal updated. Anyone else?

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Sorry, I meant today. I see others got it before today

Not yet waiting portal looks the same

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