The Value of Mensa?

<p>That's the point... You nailed it! It's about the whole person, their potential, individuality and qualifications, and anyone's IQ represents merely one aspect of their potential as a person. So what you've done/how you've done it truly does matter more that raw scores on things like tests. Just like it does in life!
My personal experience with Mensa is pretty varied, though I've got to admit I've been a member on and off, (presently, off). The quality of whichever Mensa group seems to depend on how well organized any particular area's group is, and which special interest group (SIG) you get involved in. Some are more like social clubs; others are more focused on enriching the community they're in, etc.
BTW... One thing I've found to be consistent that might surprise a few people is the fact that mentioning your personal IQ or asking someone theirs is definitely tabu! From what I've seen, the few "socially challenged" souls that fixated on that got ignored fast. Again, life is a whole lot more than intelligence and/or how you perform on a test! ; )</p>

<p>Oh... Almost forgot... For all the reasons that have been brought up, I very much agree that it's a bad idea to put Mensa menbership on ones app or resume! And yes, so is listing anything similar to it on things like that. It's just so one-dimensional, and if it's a turn-off at a Mensa meeting/gathering, well, it's probably going to be a turn-off to an admissions officer or potential employer too.</p>

<p>Mensa provides a distinction only insofar as deciding between two candidates. Though I am not involved in college admissions, I have hired several engineers and technicians. By all means, I would absolutely choose a Mensa candidate over one of similar background and experience. Mensa demonstrates an ability to learn, and handle complex assignments. Lack of it provides no information. Include it on your application. But more importantly, include it on your Resume when looking for a job. You'll get the job. ps. Google, Microsoft, and Oracle always take the qualified Mensa candidate.</p>

<p>^ Please don't pull up three year old threads and expect the OP to still be reading or care.</p>