The Wait List

@Calliemomofgirls will your DD be attending her LPS? I’m sorry things didn’t work out.

Do the schools take in account how many FA students will take decline their offer? If a good amount of full aid students decline the offer ,what do they do with the left over money?

I imagine if they do have a large amount of FA, then they might go to the FA waitlist category and pick out the strongest applicants there. Less likely but they might just save it for next year.

I remember someone said the money had to be spent…

i thought attrition would be quite more common this year, because revisits were virtual last year and was hard to gage if the school was right. You had to make the most educated decision, and sometimes you had to trust that you’d make the right decision. It’s possible a lot of people did not.

I heard the opposite that the 1st vaccine shot and 2nd shot has to be 4 months apart in Ontario. They just started shutting down schools for 2 weeks in Mississauga (and till end of April for Greater Toronto area).

However, I did hear that once the vaccination is close to completion in US in the Summer, the supplies will be very fast moving to Canada.

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Most endowments have stipulations requiring the money be spent. it prevents school officials from diverting funds. This is not always the case.

Ontario messed up opening too fast rather than waiting a month when the vaccine rollout would ramp up. One reason why my son is looking at prep…he missed out of the high school experience.

I have! I got a scholarship too :))))) But I will going to the school that accepted me on M10. Love the school that loves you!


What school offered you a spot ?

In the stats thread they listed Milton, Middlesex, CSW, CA as their W/L schools, so presumably one of them.


We use the term waitlist and try to quantify and figure out odds. The truth is the “real” waitlist are those students not accepted anywhere yet, who are on a waitlist.

If a student is accepted somewhere and concurrently on a waitlist, they have a spot. It puts into perspective the numbers a little better. The goal is for each student to land someplace that they applied to.

This is the challenge for schools and why they need time after A10. If they need 3-5 students the waitlist they really have to work with is a lot more narrower than people realize.


GREAT NEWS! Hotchkiss vs Andover - #46 by usernameuser98

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” I hope this year will be different!

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Probably better to ignore this piece of info for now if the school name is hidden.

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I was offered admission into Phillips Exeter Academy in NH from the waitlist, that comment was in referral to a forum I opened.

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Hey y’all! I thought I’d share my experience today, as it might provide some scope into the WL situation currently. I was called by a PEA Admissions Officer today and offered a spot off of the waitlist. This means that there is some activity (at least at PEA)


That is so good to hear. Congratulations! You are one of the few.

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Do they call everyone they want off waitlist in one day, like yesterday? Or do they spread it out?

They usually call a group in one day. But depending on how they answer and what else happens going forward with deposits and decisions, they may make more calls.

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