The Wait List

I’ve heard something similar in the Canadian prep schools. All are expecting some international students to “back out”. No one can even guess what might happen so best to make sure you have your plans B and C in place.

I think that might happen. It’s promising for waitlists to schools that have said they were fully enrolled, but not explicitly said over enrollment. For Hotchkiss and Andover it may not happen, but for others it may. Those on the waitlist watch out!

Pingree is July 1.

We used Test Innovators to prep. Today they sent an email saying many schools are still taking applications and a link to them. There are great schools out there that still have rolling admissions.


Has anyone received a waitlist update from Governors?

They responded to an email inquiry on A10, they thought they might have a spot for my son but did not have any FA available. I suggest emailing them, Mr. Kinnealey was very helpful.


For anyone discouraged after M10, don’t give up.

My son didn’t apply to many schools and got WL on M10. He then went back to work and since M10 found numerous schools who were still looking (good schools too). Yesterday, he received an acceptance letter from a Canadian prep with an opening for varsity hockey (which is a tricky combo). The FA piece is still being determined (so not a totally done deai). His application is also moving forward at a couple of US schools.

The point being is if you seek, you shall find. Schools are looking for good well-rounded students.


Has anybody recieved anything from the Milton waitlist?

@Canuckdad so glad to hear this. Fingers crossed on the FA piece! Glad you found several new options.

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Nope! Sorry!

There’s an Instagram page for the freshman class. I think it’s loomischaffee_classof2025. Or something close to that.

Ooh! Thank you so much!

Pingree is fully enrolled. The head of school mentioned it in his weekly newsletter today. The newsletter also mentioned that they recorded one of the highest yields ever on their offers of admission.

One thing in Canada, you get dinged (and I mean $5,000 file opening fee at one school) for all extras and it adds up fast. The US schools were much better with the “one price concept”.

Hi Hello yes I am !!

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Hi, just curious if anyone knows if Concord Academy is overenrolled or just fully enrolled. we indicated we would stay on waitlist and personal reply we received did not say that they were overenrolled or that it would be unlikely that they would admit anyone off waitlist. Just curious if anyone received more specific info, thank you!!