Hi, Congratulations again to your daughter. Sorry about the delay getting back to you.

I’ll try to answer each of your qu’estima and hope this helps!

Crime: I’ve not heard of any crime on-campus, but off-campus can be dicey. The school provides a shuttle to Target and some off-campus housing, which is helpful. My son lived in on-campus housing both freshman and sophomore year, and there were no issues. Sophomore year the students can live in suite-style apartments, which makes it easy to cook meals. Junior year is when most kids live off-campus near the school and I think they are a bit more street-wise by then. There were some incidents this year (mugging and breaking & entering), and the school responded by increasing patrols and landlords responded by adding security features. My son is doing spring semester abroad, so he he was barely in off-campus housing for four months. Senior year he will live in Manyyunk, which is a short drive away. He will for the first time “need” a car senior year, and we’ll likely get him one in June, so he can easily commute from Manyyunk to his summer internship in Center City.

Re extracurriculars, they have a lot of club sports and many different clubs ranging from professional interest to service clubs to dance and more. Knock wood, we’ll never see another pandemic, but during that time, I was super impressed by how the school brought in animals to hang with the kids (goat yoga and dogs!) and they sponsored a lot of outdoor events.

What does she plan to study and which other schools is she considering?

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