To all acceptees...Acceptance letter

My acceptence letter was pretty personal and focused to quite an extent on me. I was very elated since I have never seen another acceptance that is personal. I believe all the other kenyon acceptees got personal acceptance letters. It would be great to share what the college thought about us while giving us a place in the college so I hope you all will share the personal part of the letter in this forum.
Have a good day.</p>

which is the part u think to be personal?
I've read a part that was addressed to me but i'm not sure if it is personal.
If u copy that statement i will be able to tell u more and maybe i'll know if i'm right or not</p>

<p>I thought mine was personal! It even quoted one of my recommendation letters and talked about some of my activities. If that's what you are talking about, what did your's say?</p>

<p>hey guys, has anybody recieved an RD letter yet?</p>

<p>A friend of mine got into Kenyon this afternoon.</p>

<p>Most of the part below is personal and emphasizes on MY application.</p>

<p>Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you that you are admitted to
Kenyon College as an early decision candidate for the Class of 2009. After a
careful review of what you have told us about yourself in your application and
of what others have written about you, the Admissions Committee is confident that you and Kenyon are a good match. </p>

<p>Budhanilkantha School is a demanding school, and you have done well. Your good academic record, your involvement in extracurricular activities, and your
passion for acting, writing, and public speaking, all suggest you are a good
match with Kenyon. What distinguishes you as someone with those special
qualities we look for is your community service. Through your volunteer service at Bastipur in Lahan, you show compassion, selflessness, and dedication -- all qualities we value highly. You are truly someone who has made and will make a difference.</p>

<p>And this is the part that I believe is common in all acceptance letters.</p>

<p>You and the other early decision candidates offered admission form the nucleus
around which the Class of 2009 will be built. Based on what we know about your
class through those who have been admitted through early decision and on what we
anticipate through the contact we have had with prospective regular decision
applicants, your class ought to be among Kenyon's best. It is already diverse
in terms of geography, ethnicity, experience and interest, and richly talented
in terms of academic ability, athletic and artistic accomplishment, leadership
and service. You will contribute in your unique ways to this extraordinary

<p>if you wish to reserve
a place in the Class of 2009 now, you may make a non-refundable deposit of $350
by February 15, 2005. You are required under the regulations of early decision
to withdraw any applications which you may have filed at other colleges or
universities, notifying them of your early decision admission to Kenyon. It is
also a condition of your acceptance that you must complete your present school
year at a level of achievement consistent with your past record. (A full
acceptance packet complete with enrollment and housing forms were mailed to you
on February1 and should arrive soon.)</p>

<p>We are excited that you made Kenyon your first choice. Kenyon will gain a
student with great promise. We anticipate a pleasant, productive and
stimulating association with you over the next four years and look forward to
welcoming you to the Kenyon community next August.</p>

<p>i am waiting to hear from you people as well about your acceptance letters.</p>

<p>Wildcatdude, the RDS have already been mailed?</p>

<p>the second paragraph of your acceptande letter is the personal one.
Mine was shorter and they kinda mistook my real interested, I'm really interested in the sicences in general and they wrote : your particular passion for the written world, anyway now i'm sure they write for each of us a personal part.</p>

<p>I think, like yeahmeh said, the second paragraph is the really personal one. Mine said: You have had a productive and positive career at (My High School Name). Your extracurricular involvement, ranging from editing the school paper to serving the community, suggests that you will add to the fun and variety of campus life at Kenyon. Your recommendation letter from (my counselor's name) describes you as a visible leader: "When Lainey speaks, people listen." That is a recommendation we could not pass up!</p>

<p>So, I guess recommendation letters really do help :) I really liked that it was personal.</p>

<p>wildcatdude, really? Where do you live? Ugh.</p>

<p>Wait - wildcat - say that again. Your friend got an acceptance letter today? Where does he/she live? Are the letters out, then?</p>

<p>I also got a letter today, with the personalized second paragraph. I'm in Portland, Oregon, and it is postmarked March 14. I don't know if they send them in batches, or all at once.</p>

<p>I also got a "distinguised academic scholarship," which is pretty awesome!</p>

<p>I thought it was funny how there was a big "thumbs up" printed on the outside of the envelopes. Anyone else get that?</p>

<p>Congrats to everyone else who got in, and good luck on any other colleges you all applied to!</p>

<p>Edit: So_Delirious asked me to post my personalized paragraph, so here it is:</p>

<p>"Editor-in-chief of the newspaper, students representative for the senior class, president of the bowling team, high-five trivia team member -- all this and an outstanding academic record, too! While I was reading your application, I began to wonder when you had time to eat and sleep! You are a talented and interesting person, which is why I believe strongly that you will distinguish yourself as a scholar and active community member at Kenyon, just as you have at Lincoln High School."</p>

<p>I got one, too! And that's so weird - I also live in Portland, OR. Academic scholarship, too. Hmm... I wonder if we know each other...</p>

<p>Well, maybe we will next year!</p>

<p>What high school do you go to, franklinbrown?</p>

<p>Jesuit. But I used to go to Wilson.</p>