Too BUSY for scholarships !!

as soon as its available to sign in, you can submit using last years data and update when the new figures come in


<p>Actually...when the FAFSA becomes available on January 1, complete it using a "will file" status, meaning you WILL file 2011 taxes but have no yet done so. Complete it using your BEST ESTIMATES for the 2011 tax year. You should have end of year pay stubs which will give you year to date earnings and taxes...this is more accurate than last years' tax return in most cases. Your assets will be reported as of the day of your initial FAFSA filing and they never change. Then submit the FAFSA to the college(s). When you complete your taxes...which should be ASAP after Feb 1, you will go back into the FAFSA website and change ONLY the fields that reflect the accurate numbers from your 2011 tax return. Change your filing status to "taxes filed" and resubmit.</p>

<p>With limited time, I agree with CAP to concentrate on applying to local scholarships and with parent56 to make sure you apply to all the scholarships at the college she'll be attending. My D did win one that she applied to online, but both kids made out better with local and school scholarships. </p>

<p>It's not over when your daughter gets to college - unless she's lucky, each fall she needs to find time to apply for summer internships.</p>

<p>thanks thumper that was a better explanation than mine!!</p>

<p>OP, you and your D have prioritized her time. If you think scholarship apps are more important you and she need to figure what must fall out.</p>

<p>My child earned more working part-time during her senior year in HS (and full time during the summer) than she ever could have earned from private scholarships. She continues to make about $100/week at a part-time job in college. MUCH better ROI than filling out essays and applications for scholarships that may never materialize. And she is also attending college with no debt - other than Stafford loans.</p>

<p>Wow.. your D has found a school she loves, and it will cost $9K/year (or less). That's a really great thing! Hopefully your 529 has enough left to pay a part of that. </p>

<p>If time permits, she should apply for local scholarships. But as others have said, they are usually small and limited to one year. Good luck!</p>

<p>Something else to consider. I know that our flagship has few scholarships for entering freshmen but that more scholarships are available to returning students via many departments. Don't be worried about finding scholarships for all 4 years now, opportunities not available now will show up. Be sure your D enjoys her last year of childhood/senior year of HS. Sounds like her EC's are good for her. Giving up the Thursday job wages has to be offset by the likelihood of getting significantly more money from applied for money- is this a good gamble? maybe, maybe not.</p>

<p>Maybe the OP knows that "being a middle class family, (we) will qualify for no grants . . ."</p>

<p>I persoanlly know multiple families that earn ~ $120- 140k per year with one or two kids in college that ALL receive need-based federal grants from a variety of schools.</p>

<p>Of course, it all depends on what the OP means when she says "middle class" . . .</p>

I persoanlly know multiple families that earn ~ $120- 140k per year with one or two kids in college that ALL receive need-based federal grants from a variety of schools.


I don't see how that's possible.</p>

<p>Federal</a> Grants For Your College or University Education

The Pell Grant is awarded to millions of eligible students annually. Most of them come from families where household incomes fall below $20,000 a year. Considering the fact that a private college tuition averages upwards of $20,000 per year and a public university or college tuition averages half the amount, it is very easy to see the financial challenges faced by lower income students.


<p>I don't see a COA of $9000/year necessarily demanding major loans. She should be able to work at least 10 hours a week during the school year and full time during breaks. She may even be able to find a job working with children or disabled adults that helps her build a social work resume. She should conservatively be able to net at least $4000/year this way. Borrowing $5000/year is not an impossible burden IMHO, and that's assuming that you won't be able to give her a penny.</p>

<p>Gone for a day and everyone is talking. lol</p>

<p>She doesn't hang with friends on weekends, it's spent doing AP Art (LOVES ART, and will spend 5 hours easily perfecting AP Art homework) To me crazy, to her necessary. Also her love and helps keep her de-stressed and happy. </p>

<p>Thursday night 3-4 hours at pet store she loves. This is her one time to get aways from stress and I can't take that away from her. Hoping this becomes ft in summer. It's these times she is learning to work and be an adult. </p>

<p>She will have stafford loans we know that. I meant total income approx $75 k for the year . Only one kid will be in college. We don't come up needs based on any info I've seen. And no.........many people are muched more need based than we are and I don't have a problem with that. I sometimes feel guilty having her apply for scholarships knowing there are some with NO money.....then I look at college prices and change my mind. lol</p>

<p>I appreciate the info from everyone and are going to stay to the more local scholarships. It's just the teachers are telling her to do the essays because less students do them (writting is her strong suit). But it takes all day to do 1-2 essay scholarships.</p>

<p>There are no serious corners to really cut that we can see except scholarships that are too far to reach. I was first under the attitude to fill out every and all you can. I now see she gives it her all and it takes SO MUCH MORE TIME than I thought it would. My Bad ! Now we know a bit more about it and which ones to fight for.</p>

<p>FAFSA question.....if you fill it out early w/ close/approx. figures and send it in.....then have to change it and resend it, does it really save any time ? I assumed sending it in perfect early Feb was I wrong or is this a matter of opinion ?</p>

<p>About being narrow minded.....her first act was 28 and most schools were out of the questions....when got a 32 she has been told...MANY times that many more doors are open now. </p>

<p>She found where she wants to go. I'm thrilled that she is excited about going because as I said before she couldn't of cared less before. Hates sports hates party scene. She has ability to come home if she wants to anytime (3-4hr drive). She can visit grandparents over weekend and ride horses if she had a bad week at college. A lot to say for that because she has spent everyweekend since she was 1 month old with grandparents and it's a second home. Couldn't afford flight home for that.</p>

<p>Sounds like things will work out. Good luck and be sure to enjoy your last school year with her- the few moments she shares with you.</p>