Topic advice appreciated!

Hello! After lurking on these forums for way too long, I was hoping for some brief advice on my Common App essay. I haven’t picked a specific prompt yet because I believe that should be the last step- it’s better to just write!
Anywho, a bit of context: I am a computer science major at a vo-tech school and applying to colleges as that, however, I am also very curious about the outside world and have grown up amongst the trees. I was stuck on a possible topic for a long time, but after randomly watching some old home videos, I came across one of me rolling down a hill in a random garden- sideways. It just struck me as odd but very “me”. Right after that video was my first experience with technology, filming during the middle of one of my first hikes in the woods. The camera flips to my face, and my eyes hold a pure look of curiosity. A few more videos follow these themes of curiosity and nature, and I feel like those themes have stayed with me as I’ve grown up. So, I’d like to write about that, with those home videos as a base and then branching out to my curiosity in the present day. I also may touch on my dad feeding a lot of this curiosity, as I am always asking him the most random questions that strike me in the heat of the moment. Is this a decent topic, at least to start with? I appreciate it!!

I enjoyed reading your post, very captivating. I glanced at the essay prompts for Common App; your topic of describing your curiosity in sparking and nurturing your personal growth, as well as helping with your journey of becoming a computer scientist, can be morphed to fit any of the prompts.


My D21 found Write Your Way In to be very helpful. It seems like your idea fits in with what the author recommends.

Yes, curiosity is a decent topic to explore as a college application essay.

Think before you write. It seems as though you have already done this and that you plan to write a first draft which you intend to refine. This is a solid approach to writing.


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