Transfer for Winter/Spring 2020

No? They said priority deadline applications would hear at the end of the month right?

yes but i was looking at past years and they’ve heard back between the 11-25. on a friday.

Whatever day it is I hope it comes soon!
I’m pretty sure UMD admissions twitter account will announce when the decisions come out…

Also I think having the math and English requirements will help you out a lot… from what I’ve seen in past forums and talking to advisors it seems to be a very important part of what makes an applicant competitive

thank you, i really hope so!!! i know you’ll be fine. i just want it to come out soon haha:))

have u seen any other threads of students that applied for transfer this spring? normally there’s a ton of transfer threads but i haven’t seen many on here or other sites which makes me wonder if there wasn’t many applicants

I was about to ask the same thing lol…
No I have not seen any others… so either these applicants are very quiet or there aren’t as many

right lol…I know one other person who applied.

Someone that I know got their decision yesterday for the Shady Grove Campus which I am pretty sure means we should get ours today or tomorrow.

Seriously?! Was not expecting it to come out this early!

I know! I really hope it comes out tmrw. I cannot wait any longer.

Me either. I really hope it comes out this week I seriously can’t wait any longer.

How do you know it will probably come out either today or tomorrow?
Do the decisions always come out right after Shady Grove?

yes! that’s how it was last fall at least. also, the decisions for spring 2018 came out on October 17

Did they say that the decisions were going to be released at the end of that month as well?


Wow ok this is going to be interesting!

What time of the day do they tend to release decisions?

after 5pm is what admissions has always told me!

Alright let’s keep our fingers crossed!!! ?

haven’t gotten anything://// however for spring 2019 they came out on the 19th so maybe tmrw.