Transfer for Winter/Spring 2020

I submitted my application the first week in September. When do you think I will hear? And I want to know what else they look at for transfers besides GPA.

what are your stats? I applied too. they look a lot at what courses your taking in relation to your major.

To answer your questions try talking to admissions via email @ or over the phone… That would be the best way to receive a reliable answer on these questions…

  1. As for your first question you will receive a decision around mid December since you applied after the early action deadline...
  2. @ColleenC18... UMD’s admissions is split up into 2 parts:
  3. Admission to the University itself
  4. Admission into major if it is (LEP) Admissions run off of a (major blind process) meaning your classes aren’t really looked at and compared with your major until you are admitted to the university itself and go through the second part to get into your (LEP) major

I am applying to the business school which is obviously LEP. However, I only have 21 credits so I didn’t apply to the business school yet. What happens in that situation? Since I am not even eligible to apply to the business school yet.

My guess is that you’d be placed under letters and sciences then… but how wouldn’t you be eligible?

you need to finish a certain amount of credits/pre recs to apply to the business school!

what are your stats that you applied with?

I didn’t know that about the business school…
So I’m applying for the information science major…
My stats:
(Out of state)
32 credits
Both math & English classes transfer
Cumulative GPA 3.7
Honor roll award
4 recommendations
Good college essay
Good extra curricular activities

i think you have a really good chance of getting in with those stats. i only have a 3.0 and 24 credits so i’m nervous, but math and english both done.

Are you in state or out of state?
MTAP would probably help if you were in state
If you did well in high school that would probably help out
And we will see! ?

i’m in state and i applies to MTAP but idk if i got in yet.

hi! did you hear back yet?

No? They said priority deadline applications would hear at the end of the month right?

yes but i was looking at past years and they’ve heard back between the 11-25. on a friday.

Whatever day it is I hope it comes soon!
I’m pretty sure UMD admissions twitter account will announce when the decisions come out…

Also I think having the math and English requirements will help you out a lot… from what I’ve seen in past forums and talking to advisors it seems to be a very important part of what makes an applicant competitive

thank you, i really hope so!!! i know you’ll be fine. i just want it to come out soon haha:))

have u seen any other threads of students that applied for transfer this spring? normally there’s a ton of transfer threads but i haven’t seen many on here or other sites which makes me wonder if there wasn’t many applicants

I was about to ask the same thing lol…
No I have not seen any others… so either these applicants are very quiet or there aren’t as many

right lol…I know one other person who applied.

Someone that I know got their decision yesterday for the Shady Grove Campus which I am pretty sure means we should get ours today or tomorrow.