Transfer from VT to UVA

<p>i live near the bookstore at vawter. i've never heard of harris/millis?</p>

<p>wait, do you go to UVM?</p>

<p>Hey, thanks jaek99 for your help. Do you think that UVA is REALLY not an option at all this year? I did have the intention of applying as a sophomore. Would it be best if I retake my SAT? I'm really mad that my teachers and crap advice given to me at the beginning of class scheduling can truly screw me over. I really can't stand another year at VT.</p>

<p>SATs aren't going to really help you unless you can get near-perfect scores. Don't worry about your SATs.</p>

<p>Although I do not have the link right now, I have read on UVAs website that the A&S schools seriously consider transfer applicants with at least a B+ average (3.33). </p>

<p>When I spoke with Transfer Dean Roberts last semester, he told me that he expects at least a 3.4.</p>

<p>You should apply anyways. If you get rejected - keep your grades up and apply again the following year.</p>

<p>there is always hope....don't worry about it hard and show them you're working hard....if you don't get in for next fall, apply for spring</p>

<p>thanks you guys, it just seems that everyone else I've talked to is more qualified than I am for applying this year. If any of you guys have met Greg Roberts, is he a nice guy.... that values young children with a song in their heart... or does he just love crushing your soul during interviews? I had a horrible experience with my Advisor at VT.... which of course doesn't help my allegiance to the school at all. But the President from GMU was a saint to me.</p>

<p>Dean Roberts is very friendly </p>

<p>you should definately go visit him before you apply</p>

<p>while your there, take a campus tour and consider sitting in on a class</p>

<p>yeah, I go to UVA almost every other weekend and know the campus very well. I love the school. </p>

<p>Do you attend UVA jaek99? Were you a transfer if you do go?</p>

<p>i'm matriculating as a transfer student for the Spring 2006 term. Although I initially considered majoring in Philosophy, I changed my mind; I'm going to major in economics.</p>

<p>are you planning on applying for the Fall 2006 term? If so, you will only have your 1st semester grades to send in.</p>

<p>Thus, though your estimated projection of a 3.7 Spring semester GPA is impressive, your current cumulative GPA will be unaffected by next semesters grade at the time of your application. </p>

<p>You could try applying for Spring 2007, but it quite difficult to transfer in for the Spring semester as UVA takes fewer than ~30 transfer students.</p>

<p>Quick question, is a varied courseload (as in many different subjects) very much preferred in admissions? Or can I just take my three political science classes since they’re junior and senior level : ) It’s a 3000 level PSCI or Econ 2005…..</p>

<p>From the UVa transfer website:</p>

In every case, an applicant for transfer admission must be in good academic and social standing at any college which he/she is currently attending or has previously attended, and must be eligible to return there. An applicant must earn Dean's List or comparable grades in all college-level academic work, with especially strong grades in the courses required for entry into the University, must present suitable scores from the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) of the College Board or the American College Test (ACT), and must complete the appropriate program of study. Preference in admission will be given to those students who have completed two years of college-level work and/or an associate degree program. Candidates for transfer admission must have completed, or made substantial progress toward completing, coursework in the following areas: </p>

<p>College of Arts and Sciences Requirements
Recommended VCCS Courses </p>

<p>English Composition - 3-6 semester hours.
Students may exempted with a score of 720 on the SAT II Writing Subject Test, with a score of 5 on the English Language AP test, or upon the recommendation of the Department of English. The full sequence of ENG 111-112 is required. </p>

<p>Foreign Language - 0-14 semester hours.
All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to two years at the college level or through the intermediate level of college instruction. Placement in a foreign language may also be determined by SAT II Subject Test scores. FRE 101-102, 201-202; GER 101-102, 202-202; SPA 101-102, 201-202, or any other language through the 202 course. At a minimum, at least one year should be complete prior to enrollment. </p>

<p>Humanities - 6 semester hours.
Any course from 2 of the following groups: Literature, Fine Arts, and Moral, Philosophical, and Religious Perspectives. Literature - ENG courses, as well as, FREN 221-222, 233-234, 241-242; GER 221-222, 231-232, 241-242; HUM 111-112; and SPA 221-222, 233-234.Fine Arts - ART, MUS (excluding performance courses) and SPD courses that transfer as UVA DRAM courses.Moral, Philosophical, and Religious Perspectives - courses in PHI and REL </p>

<p>Social Sciences - 6 semester hours.
The two courses may not be from the same department. One course from at least two of the following: ECO; GEO 210, 220, 221 and 230; PLS; PSY, SSC, and SOC. </p>

<p>Mathematics/Natural Science - 12 semester hours.
At least 12 semester hours of mathematics or natural science courses from at least two different departments. Courses may be chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Marine Science, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Physics. </p>

<p>Historical Studies - 3 semester hours.
One course that is substantially historical. HIS 101-102 or HIS 121-122 are appropriate courses. </p>

<p>Non-Western Perspective - 3 semester hours.
One course dealing substantially with a cultural heritage other than Western. </p>

<p>Second Writing Requirement
Typically a 3 credit hour course, must be completed in any department in the College. Must be completed at the University.


<p>Transfer to William & Mary wooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Haha, yeah thanks for the idea; I've been pondering W&M too. But it's not quite me as much as UVA is. My best friend is going to transfer there though.</p>

<p>I might transfer out. It's really boring.</p>


Quick question, is a varied courseload (as in many different subjects) very much preferred in admissions? Or can I just take my three political science classes since they’re junior and senior level : ) It’s a 3000 level PSCI or Econ 2005…..


<p>before you take electives or even major classes, try to fulfill all general reqs that are listed on UVa's website.</p>

<p>also, check the transfer evaluator to make sure all your courses transfer over.</p>

<p>So far, all my credits would transfer over to UVA (according to their list posted last fall). I am wondering though, if a class credit can fulfil more than one transfer areas? and if an AP credit I recieved at VT would transfer over, or if UVA will reevaluate my AP scores (losing 12 credits b/c of transferring would suck).</p>

<p>Here's what I have so far of the transfer requirements (inc. AP credits in VT) : </p>

<p>•DONE English Composition(3) English 1105 (AP) / 1106 = 6 credits?, a 3 on the AP exam</p>

<p>•Foreign Languages -no language requirement but I have 4/5 yrs of high school language</p>

<p>•Natural Sciences and Mathematics (12) boil 1005/1006, no math requirement yet because my Math is a lower level = 6 credits for requirement, 9 taken total</p>

<p>•Done Social Sciences (6) - Courses in anthropology, economics , government, linguistics, psychology, or sociology. Psci 1014, Econ 2005 = 6 credits</p>

<p>•Done Humanities (6) - One course in two of the following three groups: literature, fine arts or moral, philosophical and religious thought. Art 1514 (AP), political theory Psci 3754, Phil 3454 a phil of religion class. = 9 credits</p>

<p>•Done Historical Studies (3) Hist 1214 (AP), Hist 1XXX (AP) = 6 credits?</p>

<p>•Done Non-Western Perspective (3) - Psci 1024, comparative gov't = 3 credits</p>

<p>As far as AP classes go, UVA will reevaluate your credits based on their system. They don't take any 3's they'll take some 4's for certain classes. For foreign language if you transfer you can take a placement test and maybe place out or be placed in a higher level. Either way you must finish through 202 of your language.</p>

<p>I got a 4 on the AP art and world history exams</p>