Transfer--Postponed Today

<p>Does someone please give me some advice? I am freaking out here.. I just checked my status today and it says I was postponed (to be honest I was expecting an outright rejection) I can't view the PDF because of technical issues.</p>

<p>What do I do now?? Can I do anything? Do I just wait it out, or what should I do?</p>


<p>They want to see your spring semester grades to see if you are going to perform to standards. According to what I read online, if you get over a 3.0+ for your spring semester grades you have a high chance of being admitted. Don't worry...just finish your spring term strong</p>

<p>did you get an e-mail btw?</p>

<p>Hey Wisco4Life, I did not, surprisingly. And the notification PDF will not load, saying "File not found of file received has length zero." Rawr.</p>

<p>So I just wait, and make sure I keep up my grades for this semester? Should I send in my AP scores, SAT score, try to get a letter of recommendation? Could only help, I suppose..right? Gosh I really hope I can get in.</p>

<p>Dont sweat it I just got postponed as well as long as we both get above a 3.0+ then we have a great shot!</p>

<p>Where did you guys hear about the 3.0 thing? Is that really all you have to do? What if all of us postponed people get 3.0+, then we all get in?? </p>

<p>Good gravy, this is stressful!!</p>

<p>i honestly looked at some past threads, but im not 100% sure I'm confident I will get in just got to work harder this semester and show them that my grades improved.</p>

<p>there hasnt been much denials so far...hopes are up. Im beyond nervous</p>

<p>I got postponed back in February. But I had a 3.8 first semester so I think they are just waiting to see if I can keep this up for spring.</p>

<p>Don't worry whoever has gotten postponed !!</p>

<p>@BB9324, did your letter say they are waiting to make a decision until they get your spring grades? I wonder how many people they will eventually accept.. I got an email from an admissions counselor and it says this.. "If your final grades show that you can earn B's or better spring 2012, it is possible that your admission will be approved."</p>

<p>Not very reassuring :/</p>

<p>@artist193 My letter said they want to see my final grades in spring then they will make a decision. They also said to keep my strong grades and to keep my classes and not to drop any. </p>

<p>The transfer counselor is right. Keep up really good grades this semester and you will get in. </p>

<p>What was your gpa first semester? keep it up or get higher.
But I don't know how many they are denying ? it seems like right now they are accepting and postponing and waiting to deny people after they figure out who to accept for postponement...</p>

<p>@stevenjames07 did you get postponed or not get a decision ??</p>

<p>still waiting...</p>

<p>whoever gets accepted after postponement, POST BACK please :) !</p>

<p>Still waiting as well! I never seen any information on this 3.0 business on the internet, but have heard it through word of mouth. I emailed the couselors many times and they do not leak any information on what they desire to see. One phone call with an advisor simply told me that they see us as qualified students, but need another semester's worth of work to be considered. We pretty much just need to finish strong with fingers crossed and we will be okay!</p>

<p>You can't view the PDF probably because of your pop up blocker. Disable that and you shouldn't have any problem viewing it. Same thing happened to me</p>

<p>The 3.0 bit likely comes from the admissions gpa of 3.0 seen on the transfer website.</p>