Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP) including Study Abroad Info

Thank you. I am aware of what a legacy is. I am a USC grad and two of my children are SCions. You and CADreamin have mentioned the TTP is a way to bring in money. So I was just asking if the TTP is (or was) not need blind. Is the school aware of income at that point and the TTP is primarily for children of wealthy alums? Would a child who has “excellent stats,” but not money, be offered the TTP?

I am not aware of there being any link to wealth, let alone knowledge of it at the point TTP is offered. I took the comment about it “bringing in money” as, by offering this program, USC is able to potentially capture many sophomore students who would otherwise have gone elsewhere. Many schools now have these types of ‘deferral programs’ which send the students off campus for the first semester/year. And many of them go on scholarship. I think it’s more about attrition of 1st years and needing to fill those gaps 2nd year. They’re more likely to fill those gaps with students they already know have a deep desire to attend, and an existing connection to the school. I don’t think it has anything to do with ability to pay.


Totally intended as mentioned above, they are likely to attend. And they will do so without scholarship $. But frankly, it’s not hard to guess that legacy kids are less likely to need financial aid, generally speaking of course. (Can you even do that nowadays?) :slight_smile: But if they need FA, they will get it if admitted. I still think it should be a be a guaranteed acceptance if student hits a certain gpa and takes the right classes.


Thanks – good to know!

TTP is a way to bring money to fill a tuition gap. This means that because there is going to be attrition at USC with freshmen or other students dropping out of USC for whatever reason, the TTP helps to fill that tuition void, which will bring in new tuition money to the school. The TTP is not need blind. It is generally for applicants with excellent stats. USC just does not have the space to accept every applicant who has excellent stats. These applicants, with excellent stats, do not necessarily have wealthy parents. I, myself, am not a wealthy alum or parent. However, I am very fortunate that I have the means to pay for private school tuition like USC’s.

Do all legacy students get offered Trojan Transfer?

Sorry to clarify…Do all legacy students get the Trojan Transfer Plan? I don’t mean whether they are admitted later to USC itself. I mean, do they all get offered the plan? Thank you.

Not all - but those that would be admitted if they had more room. So grades, stats and application do matter.

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Do all legacy students get the Trojan Transfer Plan? I don’t mean whether they are admitted later to USC itself. I mean, do they all get offered the plan? Thank you.

I believe my sister actually received the rejection email which includes mention of the TPP program (I’m an alumni so she is legacy). There is not much other detail in the email though - nothing about studying abroad etc. She would love to study abroad though, but if it means that admission isn’t guaranteed, it seems risky?

Also, she was rejected by Annenberg, but she might have interest in applying to Viterbi the second time around. I wonder if this is possible?

No. There were a few legacy folks on this thread who were rejected and did not get it.

My daughter was offered TTP and we are not wealthy, she would require financial aid in order to attend. So I guess the answer to your question is No.

My daughter applied for SCA this year but was rejected. She was offered TTP. I have read everything in this thread about TTP. It sounds very interesting and amazing, especially the study abroad program. I understand students who are in TTP still need to apply through the common app. But I was wondering if they also need to do the SCA’s portfolio all over again.

Thank you.


We have the same question. From what I have been reading about they apply as a transfer and do need to do a shortened portfolio and list an alternative major. Some are admitted to SCA and some to the 2nd choice, all depends on space and application. I am telling my son he would have to be okay with not doing SCA or trying to switch. This is probably the biggest challenge to going through the process otherwise the program seems like a great option.

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Hi @OC2023, thank you for your input. From what I read on the school website about External Transfer the applicant has to do a full version of the portfolio like my daughter did this time. Are TTP students considered as External Transfer? Do you have any idea what “shortened portfolio” means? Is “shortened portfolio” only for TTP students who reapply to SCA?


There is a Facebook group and I have read abbreviated but am also reading you need to do the whole portfolio and production is not really an option but can be transferred into later after completing more courses at USC…

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From my sons’ emails, there will be an informational session where we can find out more. I am assuming they will answer those questions. Information about signing up is forthcoming in the next month or so.

Hello Siddy. My daughter was rejected last year and was offered the TTP. She really wanted to get a college experince and go to a 4 year college and transfer after one year. However, the TTP program language discourages that to the point that the route would have put her at at disadvantage. CC would have been easy, but she wanted to move out. After tons of discussion she made the decision to spend the year in London. She is having a blast and is able to keep up her grades.

There is no guarantee. But from what everyone has stated, the chances are very good if you take all the required classes and maintain 3.7 GPA, almost to the point of a guarantee without saying it is. The caveat is that the highly impacted majors may be harder to transfer into (i.e. SCA, Dance, etc) There is a meeting which goes over all the details, but you can actually find more information here and on the FB groups. My daughter still had to reapply as a transfer student.

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yes they will but can resubmit same as previous.

wow, that’s a relief to know. Thanks!
I imagine they can submit the same film or writing samples, but write a new personal statement as the school would probably like to read something different about the applicants.