Tufts RD Class of 2024

@ouicava yes.

@ouicava yes, it’s at the bottom of the checklist? mine has slightly different wording: “Final Academic Report & Transcript (due 6/26/2020)”

yeah that’s what mine says. i was just wondering. thanks for the replies!

if no one has contacted me for an interview, is this a bad sign? does it mean i will never get an interview?

@ouicava i’m not sure, but interviews are optional anyways so not getting one will not affect your chances of admission :slight_smile: It’s good that you requested one though

“if no one has contacted me for an interview, is this a bad sign? does it mean i will never get an interview?”

DS was admitted RD last year and is currently a first year student at Tufts. He requested an interview, but never got one, even though we live in a region with plenty of Tufts alumni. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I am having an interview with a Tufts alum in a couple of weeks and am wondering what to expect. Could anyone who has had one provide any insight? Thank you so much

@Singing123 D had interview last week. More conversation style than question and answer. Interviewer had family legacy for generations, so not sure it was a typical interview, as he spent a lot of time talking about his and his family’s experience at Tufts. It lasted an hour and a half, mainly because it ended up being a good conversation. A couple typical questions like “why Tufts”, but that should be expected in any college interview. Overall, it was a rather relaxed environment.

@Singing123 It was definitely the most relaxed out of all of the interviews I have done. My interviewer was short on time so it didn’t last too long (maybe 50 minutes) but it was very conversational. I’d say I talked around 60% of the time and he talked around 40% of the time

Anyone know when decisions come out?

@hrwalle I have April 1 written down, but I’m not sure if the wording was “on April 1” or “by April 1”

by April 1

I did not do very well on my interview

@EstherL - You probably did better than you think but what don’t you feel good about?

@Sarrip Only I wish. But I think I am actually very unbiased in my judgment on this. There area few times I was talking and suddenly forgot what I was gonna say. So have at it myself!

Well, the interview is only a part. Try not to worry, If it’s to be, it will be. Wishing the best for you and that you will end up exactly where you will be the happiest, even if that’s somewhere else.

All the best everyone. I’m applying for Computer Science as an International Student.

Does everyone have a red x by the final transcript on their dashboard??

Yea I do as well, given that I still am in my final semester of high school my final transcript has not been completed yet and that’s why I have the big X there. I don’t know about your situation but this might be the reason why. My guidance counselor said they will send them out in May.

Also did anyone receive an email from Tufts about how decisions will come out in “just a few weeks”?