U. Richmond Class of 2027 Official Thread

I find it interesting that so many kids who applied to Dickinson also applied to Richmond and many are rejected by Richmond and accepted with scholarships to Dickinson. To me these schools are very different and I hand picked Dickinson for DD but she found Richmond by herself and declared it her dream school after a visit. I think Richmond has much more preppy, affluent, and probably higher caliber students. (It is somehow in my head gave me vibe like Ivy or tippy top schools rejects, and I maybe wrong. ) I liked Richmond but I’m not sure it is best fit for DD anyway. We will see how they’ll fix our FA.

My daughter is in that boat - high scholarship and aid at Dickinson, waitlisted to Richmond. We saw similarities in strong programs - prelaw (her intended major), international business in particular. Dickinson is sometimes called a hidden Ivy - maybe just their aspiration. She’ll likely wind up there.

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The admissions counselor for my region visited my school so that’s how I met with her, it wasn’t an interview. I’m not saying I thought it was a guaranteed acceptance by any means it just stings because I thought I had been doing everything you’re supposed to do. Congrats to your daughter though!

So is the waitlist pretty much hopeless?


Sorry, but you will find your happy spot. It is extremely competitive these days. Do not take it personally. It all depends who read what on what day. DD was rejected in EA by CWRU. She was WL at Bucknell. And now two top acceptances. There is no logic in all of it. (Well, maybe there is some. Each school forms their class based on geography, race, your interests, your gender and their mood :grinning:)

I would not count on it…

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All of these kids are great.

We found one year’s stats where they put more on the waitlist than they accepted RD. That gave us the message.


My DS was accepted at Bucknell with a nice merit package and waitlisted at Richmond, so it really is a guessing game and each school is looking for something a bit different.

Exactly, and DD did not get any merit from Richmond as of now. :rofl:

DS accepted to Richmond RD but no merit offered, so it will be a no for us.

Currently deciding between University of Pittsburgh Honors College with undergrad scholarship, well as guaranteed placement at Pitt Law School provided he maintains GPA; and William and Mary. Stats: Out of State; multiple APs; 33 ACT; 4.34 GP at small, rigorous high school; multiple leadership projects outside of school including volunteer hours and research centered around environmental issues; service leadership at several nonprofits, played one sport all four years.

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If you visit the common data set for Richmond you will see that for Fall 2022 they offered 3,903 students a place on the waitlist. 654 accepted a place on the waitlist but 0 were offered admission.

Sounds like they overenrolled…

@momsearcheng My son was also deferred EA & WL at Richmond (= “soft” denial) & admitted to Dickinson with scholarship (& F&M w/scholarship) – I do think there are a lot of similarities, but Rich is more of a “reach” with a tad higher stats & its lower acceptance rate (~22% this year?) vs Dickinson & F&M (~35%?). I saw your post on the Gbg forum - my son is also in there with Lincoln Scholars program – so that adds an extra layer of consideration IMO. Seems like our kids were drawn to some of the same schools – I’m interested to know your thoughts about Dickinson v Gettysburg (& F&M? Denison?) Please PM me so we don’t hijack the thread too much.

Sure. DD considered Denison and we visted, but we rulled it out and she never applied. (It required foreign language and did not allow to take it at another shool. DD was not interested in another language and hers was not available…) F&M was never on the radar. I believe it was not giving merit and we were chasing merit.

My dd was deferred EA and then waitlisted by Richmond, yet also got accepted with a ton of Merit @ Dickinson, top merit @ Colorado College, and accepted at University of Florida. Go figure.
Waiting on many more schools. This is ridiculous! :woozy_face:

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Congrats! I love Colorado College – seems like such a great school!!!

Found this disheartening article re: wait list for Richmond: