*UC Berkeley Class of 2025 discussion**

let me rephrase that, you dont even qualify for admission if ur below a 3.4W OOS

Right, that makes more sense. Sorry i thought you meant they just won’t even allow you to apply.

it says u need a min 3.4 oos and min 3.0 in state on the uc website

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me too, makes little sense that someone with an ivy league acceptance would be rejected from UCB, but you never know.

really? idk cause that’s my calculation, my school doesn’t do it though, we use IB diploma predicted grades

None of the UC’s break out waitlist stats by college and major. Most of the waitlisted students that are admitted by in the College of L&S.

+1 same

Do we still think that “I am not coming to Berkeley” is an acceptance?"

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100% it is. other two indicators are questionable and we cannot assume

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Guys she said so herself that she calculated the gpa herself (and the UK doesn’t calculate GPA). So it might just mean that she calculated it wrong.

Let’s just stop speculating so much and causing unnecessary stress and wait till decisions are actually out.

whats ur score out of 42 if u dont mind me asking? i do the ib too! maybe you’re calculating the gpa wrong?

We don’t know anything for sure, we’ll know soon enough

also the ib counts as uc recognized courses so that prob boosts ur gpa up quite a bit!

i mean from ur profile u got into grinnell and scripps. im assuming you are quite a high caliber candidate!!

I am doing my second language as language A and fourth language as Language B (I speak 5 in total), music student, 37/42 so it’s not strong in any sense. I guess I am a bit less common since I am a musician and the academic standards just gets lowered? Perhaps…

37 is definitely not a 2.7 or whatever it is u said lol

Oh yeah but I kinda had a nice interview with the AOs, I got rejected straight from Wellesley and Bryn Mawr, and deferred from Barnard

did u apply as a music major? in that case 37/42 is well enough then imo :slight_smile:

Well on my transcripts there were Cs and Bs and 37 is only a predicted?..

many schools regard a 6 as an A rather than a B so that likely skewed ur calculations :slight_smile: i had a 39-40/42 and my UC GPA was like a 4.4