*UC Berkeley Class of 2025 discussion**

The College of L&S does not admit by major. You can list your intended major, but you are admitted Undeclared and then need to declare your major after taking the pre-req courses.

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accepted, WOOO! I’m happy but I have a question: Why didnt I receive financial aid? I have to pay over 30k a year despite having an efc of 663 and being instate. UCLA offered me fin aid but not Berkeley. Is this happening to anyone?

Interesting that they are still asking for SEED applicants. They offered it to early admits and turned some of those applicants away.

SEED scholarship was a new program at UCB last year. They had great plans but then the pandemic forced them to change everything.

Yes, professors are exact same, EECS department has two majors, EECS and CS, so infact CS is a shared EECS dept. major!!
Sister is senior in EECS so it is first hand info, I am likely to join UCB L&S and intend to major CS

Go where you think you have the best chance of getting a competitive GPA for Medical school and thrive academically and socially. All 3 are excellent options so where would you want to spend 4 years?

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Head on over here to the waitlist discussion: *UCB Freshman Class of 2025 Waitlist and Appeal discussion*

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A few reasons… Her heart was set on a CA school. Her dad and I are UW alums and while one would think she’d follow our footsteps; she felt the school culture and size was too big/more distractions for her. UCSD was actually her 3rd choice but it came down to location (not a big partier), class size, accessibility of professors, and market readiness. Her dad working for a big-tech and in the software/product development side might have also had a little influence on her decision too.:blush:

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Yeah I got in… lol…

For portal astrology stats lol, daughter accepted, message #3 I think (the one we thought was acceptance).

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Same situation here with SEED application. The description actually says March 13 was interview date. Does this mean they still have open spots. Thanks.

I would contact the Financial aid department to make sure it is not a mistake. You should be getting similar aid from all the UC’s.

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I am proud to say my D21 will be a Golden Bear…4.4 UW GPA, 8 APs and all honors, most rigorous courses available at her HS, in-state, and no EC’s besides team captain competitive athletically in her sport, but not recruited. I don’t know how her essay was…didn’t let us read it…lol…but said it was good. Congrats to the Class of 2025 - I am humbled and proud.


Daughter rejected. Unauthorized. Prediction true. I’m shocked though that Cal let that one slip through. Too bad.

Rejected: UCSB, Harvey Mudd

Congratulations and good luck to everyone! :blush:

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Congrats kingcody69! Is it L&S CS or L&S undeclared?

Congrats to future Golden Bears! (i am eating some crow. i guessed that the portal withdraw issue was bogus. sorry!).
QUESTION: For those of you who got in, how would you rate your short answer essays on your application? I know you may have not much to compare to, but I am convinced they helped my son a lot last year (GPA and SAT weren’t stellar).

You might want to call on Monday and ask. Campus is closed tomorrow for Caesar Chavez’s birthday.

Here is the link to where it was discussed earlier in this thread.

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Waitlisted again. UCLA broke my heart, this one is manageable.

Got rejected but accepted to UCLA which I like way more so it didn’t even hurt lmao.


yoo, Im kinda scared. basically, I had to cancel some of my exams because they were financially straining and dangerous with COVID-19 (one of my family members had a medical emergency that made them at-risk). So I canceled a couple of exams. But, one of the conditions of admissiosns is ap exams. will they rescind me?

My daughter was just rejected from Berkeley L&S.

In-state / SoCal
4.0 unweighted GPA / 4.33 UC Capped / 4.75 Weighted
Heavy AP/Honors load
4-years of strong ECs with awards and team leadership
Top 1% / Likely Valedictorian

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