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I am OOS, so this is important info for me. Does this mean I have a higher likelihood of getting picked off of waiting list? I hope so. If yield is lower than usual among OOS, which I think it will be, then I have a chance.

Actually no, since the UC’s have capped the # of enrolled OOS and International students, so your chances off the waitlist would be dependent upon how many OOS students actually enroll. If the UC’s meet the cap target, then the waitlisted OOS students will not be admitted.

And sporadic word of mouth on a forum is? I see the same pattern on Naviance (limited to my kid’s high school).

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Yes, this is what I meant to say. I think fewer than the usual percentage of OOS students will actually enroll. I say this because the total OOS student population hasn’t gone up by 45%. Instead, the usual number of OOS students applied to more colleges than usual. That means we can expect higher-than-usual declines from OOS students.

I didn’t say that CC was a complete dataset to rely upon. However, CC is likely a far better statistical sample than paid Compass users on USNWR.

Unfortunately, the waitlist data does not break out in-state vs. OOS vs. International. I posted the 2020, 2019 and 2018 waitlist stats on this discussion thread. *UCB Freshman Class of 2025 Waitlist and Appeal discussion*

interesting how different schools work differently

Do we know when they’ll be releasing decisions?

March 25 at 5 Pm PST


What’s this about LOR?

Is the 5pm confirmed?

I don’t think you can draw that conclusion. Top universities saw huge increases in apps this year. For ex. Harvard’s app went up 50%+, Cornell’s 36%, etc. and UCLA is no different. In-state apps didn’t go up as much because there simply isn’t as much room for growth since the majority of competitive in-state students already apply to UCLA and UCB anyway.

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Does anyone know the statistics on how many people applied to UCs and got accepted? I saw the list somewhere around here, but I can’t seem to find it again.

Apps/admitt/enroll by university: Freshman fall admissions summary | University of California. Admissions source by school: Admissions by source school | University of California


Admitted information not yet available since UCB still has not posted decisions.


Interesting. Amazing how low yield rates are, but that makes sense given how many schools students apply to these days. Does anyone know if the “admit” rate includes those admitted off the wait list or is it the first cut admit number?

The email that was sent to applicants stated “late afternoon or early evening” Pacific time. So I would venture to guess 3-6pm time frame.

Even if she takes the exams and tests out of a class, she can still take the college course if she wants to. Also, the extra units are rarely used towards graduation other than those used to replace a course requirement (like Calc and English). You will have so many major requirements that you will hit your graduation units before counting your AP units.

Thank you

Do you know if the email was sent to all the applicants? I don’t think my daughter received one. Her portal still says it’s still under review.