*UC Berkeley Class of 2025 discussion**

To be honest, the decision will come out in a few hours. We do not need to worry about those speculations now…
If the “unauthorized” message indicates you are admitted, will you be totally relaxed? What if it is a false speculation?
If it indicates that your are waitlisted or rejected, you can do nothing.
Just relax. Forget that speculation. Go to sleep or do something else…



I have the “I will not be coming to Berkeley and wish to withdraw” thing and I’ve been accepted to every UC so far



I tried this with the #2 message and it’s true! But not sure what it means… we just have to wait until decisions come out to be certain. Good luck all!

Check this discussion thread for waitlist stats and information. The waitlist admits wil change yearly since it is based on the ## of students that will enroll by May 1.

So, on average, around 1/3 of waitlisted applicants are finally accepted. This year can be different as UCB may be admitting many more “superstars” relative to other years, who may ultimately go elsewhere. But obviously, the admissions office will anticipate this contingency and adjust its waitlist accordingly.

my portal says “i wish to withdraw from further consideration.” i really hope the speculations aren’t true :frowning:

My dd got in to every UC, Cal Poly SLO and has message #3. I hope that’s a good sign for her.

does anyone have the unauthorized message but other messages in the source code?

When I checked, they weren’t there

It really depends upon how many get waitlisted, how many enroll by May 1, leaving how many spots available. Last year was unique due to Covid and many students opted to take a Gap year and reapply so that may be one of the reasons that the number of applications are up. Also the majority of the waitlisted admits will be in the College of L&S. Few applicants will get into the other Colleges especially EECS. Until UCB see all the numbers, everything is speculation at this point.

ok same here. not sure it means anything

how do you check the source code?

were UCB decisions released previously at exactly 3:00 pm CA time?

What time is the decision coming out in PST?

I think they mentioned it could be anytime between 3-5 pm PST

Hey I get an unauthorized message does it mean I am rejected? I am really sad I didn’t get in anywhere :pleading_face::weary::pensive:

right click/click w/two fingers, then check source code

this is a speculation. Yes. Do we know if it is 100% true? No.