*UC Berkeley Class of 2025 discussion**

I don’t think so. My question had to do with courses transferring from community college.

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Will it be virtual or on campus learning for class 2025? When do the freshmen need to arrive on campus? I don’t see this info on Berkeley’s web site.

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Thank you everyone for all the advice during this stressful yet exciting journey. I am happy to say my daughter decided to attend Cal!!! Needless to say we are immensely proud of her. I wish everyone best of luck!


Student Housing: It seems as though Cal is doing some kind of limited amount of student housing again for 2021-22. This year it was one student per room (my son is alone in a triple). I know that virtually zero rising sophomores received student housing offers, so it appears that all dorm rooms will be made available to freshmen only. Even with that, it may not be 100% guaranteed. You might want to contact Cal student housing to see stay updated on plans for the Fall. “Occupancy levels in residence halls for 2021–22 have not yet been determined…”
General Office email (Preferred communication): reshall@berkeley.edu
Phone Service: (510)-642-4108 M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm


And there is this new program, which was mentioned upthread:

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Is it true that Berkeley has a pretty toxic competitive vibe? My brother who went to Berkeley said ppl stole others’ books to stop them from reviewing lol

Dropping off some stuff for my son. On campus right now. It’s really vibrant around here now. Very different than in the Fall.


Your brother is the best person to give a first hand account of what happens at Berkeley. Yes, the environment is competitive and is often referred to as “cut throat” Some people thrive in an environment like that. Others do not.

Would you say that applies to all majors, including social sciences?

From what I’ve heard, it heavily depends on major


Definitely not. Nor does it apply to all students in any major.

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Congrats to your daughter for making a decision! We visited Cal on Tues/Weds of this past week and my husband, son and I were really impressed with it. The buildings and surroundings are stunning! We were very pleasantly surprised. My son is deciding between Cal, UCSB (he’s a surfer so SB is very attractive), UCSD and UCI, though the last 2 aren’t really in the running. He feels like UCLA would be the perfect combo of Cal and UCSB, but he’s waitlisted at UCLA so unfortunately it’s not an option. As much as I want him to stay somewhat close to home in LA, I’m secretly hoping he chooses Cal.

Hey we were up at Cal Mon - Wed of this past week! I know how you feel about closer to home. We are from the OC and for the longest time I secretly hoped my kid would pick UCSD or UCLA. Putting my own personal feelings aside I know Cal and the surrounding area fits my daughter’s personality more. So as much as I am sad she will be so far away, I know Cal is the right choice for her. Good luck with your son’s decision!

Thanks! At least Cal is a very short and inexpensive flight away - at least that’s what I keep telling myself :wink:

I think if you are a competitive person you can find plenty of people that will fit that bill. If you are not, I truly believe you can find others who may be more in alignment with you. My daughter had the same concerns. She feels that the university population is so big that there will be plenty of people to connect with. I agree!


@Gumbymom Compare to other UCs, is UCB’s college of L&S flexible in terms of major changes, double major, minors, etc.? My son is not sure what he wants to major yet and wondering about how flexible it is for major declaring/changing. I also heard you are allowed to minor in many subjects as long as you take enough coursework and meet the requirement. Is that true for UCB?

i’m not sure whether to submit fall grades or not. i usually get a 4.0 but this sem i got 1 B in AP chemistry and 5A’s in the rest of my classes. i am a computer science student waitlisted for lsa. what would you recommend?

it is flexible for majors other than cs or ds etc.

Each UC admits differently but in general within the College of Letters and Sciences, all admits are undeclared.

For UCB specifically, admission to capped majors in the College of L&S (e.g. CS, economics, psychology, statistics, art practice, and a few others) is by college GPA in prerequisite courses (and portfolio for art practice) after attending for a few semesters.

The business major is in a separate division and admits students in a competitive holistic process. Frosh intending business majors begin in another division (usually L&S), take the business major prerequisites, and apply (usually in their second years). They also need to take prerequisites for a backup major in case they are not admitted to the business major.

Regarding minors and double majors, yes there is flexibility but if he is interested in double majoring or minoring, it is important to meet the academic advisor to plan out the schedule to minimize the time spent at UCB.