UC Berkeley Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

I think if they really need the waitlist it won’t take them so long to make decisions. Also, those AOs are really good at confusing people🥲


The question you mentioned is what I asked a few days ago haha


I don’t think they are the ones who make the actual decisions. They are undergrad students who work in the admission department. They def will take some wl but I think it’s only going to be a small portion. There should be movements earlier if they really have spots, considering many won’t accept the offer and the spot will roll it to the next person.

Are you intl? asking because your username seems Chinese lol

yea, I’m instate international

in 2020 they released wl decisions on a Tuesday. Check this video(College Waitlist Decisions + Retrospect of My Application Process and Results - YouTube) and go to 0.45 seconds. May 19, 2020 as written on the letter was a Tuesday so I think there is still a chance for next week Tuesday too


I just checked 2020’s trends, the first wave was on 5.10. I think it’s different from this year.

Maybe the available amounts of waitlists are so low that they will release only one trend this year? Idk.

I really don’t know what Berkeley is doing this year. If they have a very limited number of spots, they should have made a decision early on. I was on the BU waitlist too and they sent out an email on 5.7 saying they were full.


Berkeley didn’t have a lot of spots last year
And they didn’t close the waitlist until the end of July

This year is very similar to last year
They even picked the same date to release the first wave

They accepted ≈9700 last year above their target by 700 which makes sense

When berkeley had a 52% acceptance rate they usually start sending offers by may 3&4 which proves (the earlier the better)

The only hope according to last year is by 24 may they will start sending one last wave for both in-state and COE applicants


But Berkeley still accepted around 9 appeals on top of the waitlists. Does anyone know when they released that? Myabe we can find a pattern of decisions released based on appeals and waitlists

I really feel like given how it’s been so far that releases have been inconsistent. At this point you just gotta wait and I personally don’t think it’ll do us much good to keep digging or overthinking it


were these appeals for 2022 or prior years?

The appeals are not necessarily Freshman only. Some may be transfers since the data posted does not specify.

2021 Appeals:
Appeals received: 1617
Appeals granted: 9


wait so apparently in state did come out according to discord

It did not, more people would be on it if it did. If you heard about it recently, it’s probably false because admissions doesn’t work on the weekend nor did they release anything all of last week.

someone on the a2c discord berkeley waitlist said that thursday and friday very small amount off ppl let out of waitlist some including in state. again hoping it isn’t tru

So it is impossible for intl to get in?:sob:

I think it was a really small amount of release, I hope it was false but apparently it seems legit.