UC Berkeley Fall 2020: Transfer Thread

FWIW, my sister (a student at Cal) got an email from the psych dept today that all classes over 25 in size will be online and those 25 or fewer will be hybrid (in/person and online), I assume to account for those not in proximity, or if things go south. She said several people have contacted the chancellor’s office and were told official word is tomorrow. (That part about tomorrow is hearsay), but since one dept can’t really make its own rules one can assume it will be campus-wide.

Can’t link or copy it, but yeah, there is a planned communique by the chancellor tomorrow for, 12, I think it is. Look it up on Facebook. I think its listed as one of the “campus conversations” or something like that.

That planned presentation by the Chancellor was changed to tomorrow, Thursday.

Has anyone tried to defer their enrollment or are y’all sticking with fall enrollment

Hi Congrats! May I ask which UC class did you take since you mentioned UC GPA in your reply? I am hoping to learn some experience. Thank you!

@kylie711 May I know whay you did for ecs? I want to get into UCB stats major but I have no clue where I’ve got to start from…

Could I know your EC and where you have got a B? I’m applying as an EECS major too and just wanted to know my chances lol


I’m a sophomore at Tulane from NJ, thinking of applying for fall 2021.

  1. anyone an OOS transfer/transfer from an OOS school or non-CC?
  2. anyone have experience transferring as an incoming junior?


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