UC Berkeley Feb Offers

Are February offers only for Reagent’s finalists? Is it possible for OOS or international students to get a February offer?

From the UCB website:
Q: Is it possible for freshman applicants to be admitted earlier than the March decision date?

A: Yes, a small number of students will receive notification of their decision in February. Most of these students will be nominees for Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarships, a process that has traditionally been initiated during this time of year; the difference is that those students and some others are receiving admission offers at the same time. Early admission notification is not Early Action or Early Decision. Students cannot apply to be admitted early. The majority of freshman applicants still will receive their decisions at the end of March, via the MAP@Berkeley portal.

M.E.T will announce their decision in February as well. Not many of those admits will be Regent’s or Chancellor’s scholars.

D just received early notification of admission to EECS. Included Regents interview.

I am an international student and got offered admission with the Regents invitation. So yes, it is possible. I just don’t know how I’ll do the in-person interview!

which country if I may ask?

Based on your name, I’m assuming you are from India. I study in a country in South America.

You can select to have an on-line interview via Skype. Read your letter further.