UC Berkeley Freshman Class of 2026 Discussion

It looks like they just updated https://calday.berkeley.edu/ with a note to register via the MAP@Berkeley portal to get a schedule of events.

The Cal Day schedule is already out for some of the colleges. I found the following 2 after a brief search:
College of Engineering: Cal Day 2023 - Berkeley Engineering
College of Natural Resources: https://nature.berkeley.edu/advising/cal-day-2022

I have not tried other colleges yet.


My daughter just got an email from the school asking her to download an app which will contain Cal Day detailed information, so please ask your kids about it.

My son just got the same email with a passphrase for the app.

Thanks guys!

We just had a welcome/meet the advisor meeting for the GMP.
The stats are insane. 55 out of 4,000 applicants were selected


Gumbymom. Since you previously asked I think my Daughter is going to go this way and turn down Chicago, BC and Northeastern. She needs to talk to the school counselor next week to finalize
Once again thank you so much for all you do for others in this forum


Got it too

Sounds like a great opportunity for your daughter. Best of luck to her.

FPF: Pros? Cons?

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Best of luck to her. If you stick around on CC, I would be interested in hearing more about her experiences in GMP.

I will. I also went ahead and created a thread for parents of GMP.
The logistics are a little complicated
She would need to start June 19 with summer classes. Will need to apply for summer housing.
Then would leave for London August 12, immediately after summer classes end.
From London will need to apply for Spring semester housing
30 kids from the previous year who could not experience London due to the pandemic will join this cohort
So 85 if all accepted kids decide to commit.
As parents we need to think about clothing for summer at Berkeley and clothing for fall in London, picking up her stuff, etc
We are in LA, but wonder about kids from out of state.
Nevertheless, it appears as a thrilling cohort experience
They will have the first graduation this year as the program started in 2018

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I am so excited for you. GMP was my D22 dream to get in. Keep us posted on the GMP experience.

Thanks. Hoping your DD gets a place that makes her happy. I am sure she will

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Sounds pretty packed. I’m not much aware of GMP, hearing through CC threads makes it look very interesting.

Studying abroad, wow that’s an awesome oppurtunity. Mine want to go to Europe especially France in study abroad program. Update us on all the exciting journey of your D. Good wishes all the way from bay area.

Thanks. Will do.
As it was explained by the professor advisor, there are advantages for this program in comparison to the regular HAAS Business program, including straight admission into HAAS, as opposed to competing with others in the school of Letters and Science to be accepted as a Junior (only 30% will make)
Also small classes, except for the general requirement classes
The study abroad is like a long field trip with the other students in your class. Certainly different than the individual study abroad courses that can be found in other colleges.
It is sort of an experiment to enhance HAAS international visibility and engagement


That’s insane congrats to your daughter!


Wondering if there will be opportunity to see the dorms during the Cal day this year?