UC Berkeley Freshman Class of 2026 Discussion

Yup. That avalanche effect will consume many

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My lay opinion is that there is no easy solution. Berkeley simply doesn’t have the land to build housing for all the students and please the surrounding community. What’s surprising is that UCB has allowed itself to grow over the years without a proper plan in place. Perhaps the best option is for the university to acquire a satellite campus as someone else suggested and move some of the student body and associated faculty there.


Please keep discussion in this thread to issues pertaining to the Class of 2026.

Other opinions or discussions about the lawsuit can be shared in the thread linked here.

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Yes, thank you @lkg4answers . I’ve highlighted your post for others posting in this thread.

All comments pertaining to today’s news about possibly admitting fewer students should be posted in the article linked in the previous post. This thread is for those applying for UCB Freshman Class of 2026.



Well said, the message was confusing. I wonder if they sent it to everyone or only to those that they are planning to reject. Has anyone ever seen a message like from colleges? court matters can go on for awhile. Seems uncertain and worrisome

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My son got the message as well. Concerning. The decision is too disruptive. Need to take students with most being CA residents into consideration.

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Absolutely in agreement. Where can prospective students and their families voice our opinions? Cannot just hear one side of the voice.

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Not exactly. Your number includes transfers. As for freshmen, it should be lower.

does this reduction in offers apply to other UCs as well? As they are all tied to state funding?

I have to read more. But from what i understand it’s Cal only. It stems from a lawsuit from Alameda county/city of Berkeley and housing shortages.


The city vs UC Berkeley issue is about $$$. UC doesn’t pay city or property taxes. Getting more land to build = less revenue for the city. The 2021 stock market growth allowed UCB endowment to skyrocket. Giving an annual fee in some kind of licensing agreement, would solve the problem. The city can better deal with traffic, homeless, etc.

I got the email from UCB regarding the less acceptances.

On Thursday, Feb. 10, a California Court of Appeal ruled that UC Berkeley must follow a lower court’s order requiring the university to freeze student enrollment at the same level as 2020-21. To do so, our current estimate is that we would need to reduce our targeted fall 2022 new undergraduate student enrollment by at least 3,050 students. That in turn would mean reducing the number of offers of admission by at least 5,100.

In other words, at least 5,100 freshman and transfer students who would otherwise have been offered admission for fall 2022 would not receive such an offer. (In a typical year the campus offers admission to approximately 21,000 freshman and transfer students, and enrolls about 9,500 of them.)

Let me know if somebody that apply didnt get it.

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Only applies to Cal. If they indeed have to go with fewer acceptances, there may be a ripple effect with respect to acceptances from waiting lists in other UC’s. Too early to tell though.

Hope you have a favorable outcome. Good Luck!


If you would like to continue to discuss this issue, I suggest you post on the specific discussion thread below:


Thank you.


Did everyone that applied and pending decision receive this email? We are OOS and received it last night

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OOS and also received.