**uc davis class of 2025 discussion**

I know this is a UCD thread but I don’t see one for UCSD (please let me know if there is one). I’m just curious if there is speculation on what date UCSD will release their acceptances?

People are speculation about UCSD just as much as UCD, it seems

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I doubt anything is coming out today. fingers crossed for tmrw.


I just want to let you know that my kids attend a super high-performing bay area high school and the truth is that nearly 40% go the CC route, once the dust settles. Especially in Calif, with the highly regarded CC schools and transfer system, it is not being left behind even tho it can feel that way right now. It also can save tens of thousands of $$ while fulfilling gen ed requirements.


I am a senior in highschool. I got my Associate’s degree while in high school, 100% free of charge. Best decision I ever made!

Hard work, but when my credits transfer over (hopefully most), I will be so excited.


Thank you for the help and the link! I’ve been using this thread to quickly access discussion threads and they didn’t have anything listed for UCSD. Hopefully they’ll have acceptances sometime this week.

I setup a UC discussion thread and a Stats only thread for each UC under their respective forums. This is where you would find the most information. The spreadsheet you have been using is incomplete and I unfortunately cannot add the UCSD link.

what are your stats? I got rejected from sb, waitlisted at irvine and accepted at Santa cruz


anyone lol

I agree with NWExpat. Also, you realize that at the Sacto City College on the UC Davis campus there will be UC students taking classes there as well? My daughter goes to CalPoly and she takes community college classes to meet her GE requires. Most of her friends do too. The CC’s have great instructors and there is nothing “behind” about saving a ton of money by being in CC while still learning college materials. After 2 years you could get into most of the UC’s quite easily. And in the meantime, you would be on the UC campus meeting people and learning your way around.

Thanks very much for the advice, just discusses with my parents about this plan and they say I could choose to go to the community college if there is no school accept me. I guess this is going to be the plan if I got rejected from UCD.


I was accepted into UCI and UCSB as well as UCSC. I had an uw gpa of 4.0 and weighted 4.6 for 9-12. I believe my UC capped was 4.3 or 4.4ish but I’m not sure how that works

I got accepted by SB waitlisted by Irvine and sc. It’ so weird this year.


University of Pittsburgh? Why not go there or do you prefer in-state? Pitt (unless I’m misunderstanding you) has a good reputation.

Pitt is a good option, but my parents prefer me to go to California to study because they are planning to move there.

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The only UC my son got into when he was a senior in high school was UCR. Three years later, applying as a transfer student, he got into every single one he applied to, as well as all but one of the top schools in his major in other states. He’s now at Berkeley. You will not be getting left behind. I could go on, and on, and on about the benefits of community college. :slight_smile:


Which major was this? I see for computer science even the transfer acceptance rates are very low.

Community college is a great path. I didn’t take that path but I think educationally you do just as well. I know that there are a ton of great instructors at CCs who really care about their students. Financially you do better with that path and the student teacher ratios are usually better. You also often dont have to listen to a TA who really is just there to get his/her Phd and doesnt care too much about the undergrads. If you are a good student you can transfer anywhere and employers really only care where the final diploma was earned. The one draw back is the campus experience. However, if you go to a boring four year school I suppose you don’t lose out on that front either, ha.

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Chemical Engineering.