**uc davis class of 2025 discussion**

@BaileeJA hang in there. Better days lie ahead with fun adventures in the place you’re supposed to be. :slightly_smiling_face:


Accepted for CSE!!

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Son into CS program
3 of 400 at pretty good Silicon Valley HS
Passionate Chef
Track & X Country
Solid cohesive essays
Banquet waiter
300+ Warriors and Giants games
Intact family
Many other advantages and privileges that he rarely wasted…
and he was still lucky to get in.
Still no Poly SLO decision. What’s up that?
My heart goes out to all not accepted or waiting.

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Waitlisted, in-state for bio. Does anyone know how big the yield might be projected to be this year? Really bummed because Davis was my top choice. Losing hope for SD and Cal, Santa Cruz was my only admission and now i regret not applying to privates.

thank you so much.

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Please post and look for Davis admissions stats here UC Davis Class of 2025 Admission Stats

slo is one of the toughest CS programs to get into. My kid was waitlisted there with straight As, valedictorian, engineering certificate, 1530 SAT, with an 800 math and a 780 math 2 subject test. was accepted UCLA and berkeley yet waitlisted at SLO so just know it is super competitive. congrats on DAVIS GReat school


Congratulations @keslee88 ! Now we can start talking about housing. :grin:

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At least you have an in State. All my in state has been rejected or wait listed which the same as rejection since I have to commit to OOS college before 5/1. My parent wont let me change and waste $500 of commitment money even if I got in from the WL.

I got waitlisted at UC Davis kinda bummed cuz it was one of my tops. Does anyone know If I have good chances of getting off of it?

my grants for davis cover 2/3 of my tuition and housing. However, I will not be housing on campus and instead will live an apartment. The grants I was given were more than enough to cover my tuition, but once I opt out of housing will my grant amount lower and only cover 2/3 of my tuition ?(it doesn’t let me see financial aid with tuition only)

There is a UC Davis waitlist discussion where I posted 2019 Waitlist information but last year’s data is not available. Your chances of getting off the waitlist are dependent upon how many admitted students enroll by May 1 and each year the number of admits is different.

accepted for psychology :slight_smile: i’m oos though

we’re pretty similar! i’m oos and i was accepted for psych too but rejected from ucsb :confused: aaand i’m waiting on ucla, i hope we get in!!

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Bailee, I am sorry you are so sad. You must be disappointed, but it isn’t the end of the story. The good thing about education in the U.S. is that there are many different paths, chances or options to get you where you want to be. I am sure you will work something out.


What major?

Congrats! We got WL’d, but my D is thrilled that she still has a shot. Her top two are both WLs now. You were totally DUE! Is she excited? I wish we could do after-transaction trading of admission spots on these boards.


This whole UC experience has been the worst. Knowing what I know now after 2 kids trying to get in and no luck. I don’t have a third kid, but I would not spend my energy on UC again. My kids aren’t perfect grade achievers, they argue with me when I tell them it is important, but I know they are smart and will get it and at 17 are starting to. To achieve the perfect GPA during a 3 to 4 semester period when your kid is socially searching and just plain immature is hard. We have been looking at OOS options and have been finding a more welcoming environment. I am telling my son to embrace the possibilities.


S got in for applied physics!
In state
3.97 uw
4.39 capped and uncapped I think
National merit commended
11 APs/honors
Admitted to UCI and UCSB

Very excited for son. I went to UCD for undergrad and grad school. H went for grad school so we are an Aggies family. Love the school. Just the right combo of laid back but academic and challenging and fun. Will see about UCLA next then we are done!

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