UC GPA Calculation--Do summer program class count?

I am a senior who took two college classes at UCLA last summer. I got a B+ in one of the classes which would lower my GPA.
I am wondering would it counted towards my UC GPA calculation since it’s a part of a summer program? I thought only A-G courses count but my friend told me otherwise.
It’s on my highschool transcript under 12 th grade and under “College courses taken in high school” on my UC Application.

Any UC transferable college course will be included in your UC GPA calculation taken the summer after 9th to the summer prior to 12th. You do get extra Honors points for any UC transferable college courses.

Does UC GPA calculation count any UC transferable course? My daughter took a course at ATDP (UC Berkeley) summer program after 9th grade. This is not included in high school transcript… Will it be considered for UC GPA ?

Yes, any UC transferable course will be included in the UC GPA calculation and she will get an extra honors point for the course.


Thanks! Could you please explain how does UC calculate the GPA?
Any A-G courses will get a 4 for " A" grade and 5 for any honors course? Also I saw in their website that maximum of 8 points for each semester of a UC honor course. Any honor/AP course in high school has 2 semesters. Each school course will get 2 additional points and course taken out of school will get 1 point extra and all together max of 8 points… Is it true? Really appreciate if you could give more insight to this.

Sorry for the confusion. Just want to get a clear picture



Note that the second link shows three variants of UC recalculated HS GPA. The weighted-capped one is one usually used on UC web sites, unless otherwise stated.

CSU recalculates HS GPA the same way as UC weighted-capped, except that a semester college course counts as two courses and two grades at CSU instead of one course and one grade at UC.

I like to use the Rogerhub UC calculator where you input your grades and the # of semesters of honors points to get the 3 GPA’s for the UCs.

  1. Are you CA resident and attend a CA school? If so, you can look up your HS’s UC approved Honors/AP/IB classes that will get the extra honors points in the calculation. Not all Honors classes are UC approved even for CA HS’s.

  2. Grades from the summer prior to 10th to the summer prior to 12th that are a-g eligible will be used in the calculation.

  3. Capped weighted UC GPA is a maximum of 8 semesters of honors points for qualified a-g courses. Fully weighted (uncapped) gives unlimited points for these courses.

  4. Count up all your A’s, B’s, C’s etc for the a-g courses and input into the calculator. Then count up the # of semesters of qualified Honors courses and input.


Sorry for rehashing some of the information that @ucbalumnus already posted. I was interrupted while answering your post.

Thanks so much ucbalumnus and Gumbymom.
One more question on this topic

Are the UC’s considering CAPPED weighted GPA or UNCAPPED Weighted GPA for admission?

All variants of recalculated HS GPA will be visible to admission readers and considered when giving the application a reading score.

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The 8 point maximum is only used to calculate the capped UC GPA, which is only used for eligibility. The uncapped UC GPA has no limit for honors points. From what I’ve heard, they will mainly focus on your uncapped UC GPA. Hope that helped!

I believe the capped UCGPA is the GPA reflected in the data here:


and in all of the info-center reports.

Each UC has its own official list of admission considerations. (a google search will get you each of them) Here are the most and least selective - (UCB and UCM) They do change from time to time, interestingly, neither of these note UCGPA at all.



As noted by @NCalRent, much of the UC admit statistical data refers to the capped weighted UC GPA with a maximum of 4.4.

UCB and UCLA do post their Fully weighted UC GPA data and Unweighted UC GPA admit data on their websites.

Your HS course rigor will be taken into consideration within the context of your HS. GPA is king with the UC’s but they also consider 12 other areas of criteria for their application review and each UC campus will weigh them differently.