UC One-Year Transfers Fall 2021

Hi All! Just wanted to update the school’s I’ve gotten into, my stats are the first post on this page.
Applied: UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCSB
Admitted: UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCSB!

If you are reading this as a high school senior, unsure of if you want to go to the college you feel like you are settling for; please let this be a reminder that community college is amazing and will get you set up for where you want to be. It worked out in my case that everyone was online and missing out their first year, I thought I might as well let it be free and at home! Out of HS I was only admitted to UCSD, UCI, and UCSB and didn’t feel right paying for UCSB online. I am so extremely thankful for this one-year transfer chance, and would encourage every high schooler who wants to go to a UC to look into using their AP credit/CC credit towards a one-year transfer. I hope this helps anyone!

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Congratulation to you got admitted to UCLA, UCSD, UCI and UCSB with one-year transfer!
Did you get the IGETC certified from your community college by using AP credit plus CC credit? How many CC credits did you complete? Did you do TAP on UCLA?

Hi Hope! Yes I did, my CC takes all AP credits for the introductory course in their respective subject. This helped me complete multiple sections of my IGETC before I even enrolled in classes (I have which ones I did above for reference). Additionally, I got lucky that political science doesn’t have too many requirements at any school (I think UCI had the most). At the end of this semester, I’ll be graduating with my AA in Poli Sci as well as have 86 transferable units done! My CC does not offer TAP, so I wasn’t able to do that and I don’t think it affected my chance of admission too much.

Hi Ripadmissionflip,
Thank you very much for your reply!
It makes sense now that your CC takes all of your AP credits to satisfy some sections of the IGETC.
Yet, still, that’s very amazing and impressive of you being able to complete 86 transferable units with impressive GPA within one-year transfer and graduating with AA degree in Poli Sci!
Again, congratulation to you got admitted to UCLA, UCSD, UCI and UCSB and wish you all the very best in choosing one of those schools to attend, all of them are very good schools!

Ahhh you’re too nice!!! Please let me know if you ever have any more questions. I <3 College confidential

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Here is my detailed stats post earlier: UC One-Year Transfers Fall 2021 - #4 by AdminPrayer008

Major: Economics
Accepted: UCB, UCSD, UCI(TAG)
Waitlisted: UCLA

If you are reading this and wish to transfer in ONE year, it is possible!!! As long as you plan your courses accordingly and ALWAYS believe in yourself, YOU CAN DO THIS!
Please feel free to reach me if you have any questions regarding transferring in one year, I wish you the BEST OF LUCK.

CONGRATS TO ALL ONE - YEAR TRANSFERS, you guys are AMAZING and we truely accomplished A LOT last year!!
LET the celebration begins, and I wish you all BEST OF LUCK whereever you are going!

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Update: I was accepted at UCSD and waitlisted at UCLA! Congrats everyone!

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hey yall! congrats on the acceptances, i’m glad that there’s a thread for one-year transfers because i totally went into the process blind but learned a lot on the way!! i had almost 55 units from dual enrollment so i didn’t see the point in not taking advantage of transferring out in one year but i do think that my poor grades from earlier on definitely did have an impact on how i transferred.

Major: Econ/Communications
GPA: 3.3 (cumulative), 4.0 (Full-time college), 4.0 (PCC), 4.0 (SMC)
IGETC: Complete
Units: ~75+ (mostly from HS)
ECs: Girls golf captain (HS), around 400 hours volunteered at hospital, various hs leadership roles, VP of student gov at CC, online tutor for low income NYC kids, Sigma Chi Eta, Deans list
Waitlisted: UCSD, UCSB, CSUF
Rejected: UCI CalPoly SLO, UCLA Cornell
Waiting: USC, GWU, NYU, SCU, American

Is there a limit on how many of those units can come from AP tests?