UC Regents Scholarships?

<p>i got mine too! :)</p>

<p>& does anyone know what this means in terms of admission? i mean, i'm assuming that i'm probably in. otherwise, why would they take the time for a faculty member to interview me and let me sleep over, right? idk. </p>

<p>So... if anyone knows anything definitively...</p>

<p>I live in SoCal near LA and I got my email yesterday. Also, am I the only one who got a Regents' Scholarship invitation for Berkeley and not LA?</p>

<p>I'd say you're better off. The Berkeley one is the one that guarantees admission.</p>

<p>how many are selected by this invitation?</p>

<p>Did all the Berkeley Regents invitations go out, so that if one hasn't received one yet then it's not coming? </p>

<p>Do L&S and CoEngineering and the other Colleges all release them at the same time? Or is the release of invitations staggered?</p>

<p>Well I got mine on Friday and I applied to CoE</p>

<p>"The Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship is UC Berkeley's most prestigious scholarship for incoming students, and is awarded annually to approximately 200 incoming undergraduates, including freshmen (for four years) and entering advanced standing students (for two years)."</p>

<p>Source: RCSA</a> | Berkeley</p>