**UC San Diego Class of 2025 Discussion**

@StrogMedicine: For the last several admission cycles, UCSD decisions start Mid-March. In the past, they did notify some applicants (Regent scholars) a week earlier.

When I looked at it, it said answering that question was optional and part of a survey, (and repetitive of the COVID question that was already on the app). My son skipped answering.

DS has applied to UCSD, UCLA, UCB, UCI, and UCSB. His grades this fall semester were his best yet, and we were trying to figure out if there is any way to contact admissions and have the mid year transcript added to his application file. UCSB specifically says do not send them anything else unless asked for. Do you know if this is possible at any of the other campuses, or will none of them look at the fall semester grades? In a year where they won’t look at test scores and grades will weigh more heavily, I wish there were a way to convey this information to them.

I’m a current student at UCSD. I’m not sure when the exact date is, but your son will receive an email to update his grades electronically by logging into his UC application. He should not send in his transcript unless he receives an email instructing him to do so (and this will be after he is accepted).

follow this link for more information

@Pusheen1. @SomniRat is correct that unless a UC campus initiates the submission of a Mid-year transcript, then do not send. UC’s in general do not consider Senior grades in their admission decisions and all UC’s expect Seniors to continue to do well Senior year or lose their acceptance.

How likely is it to get into your first choice college? (For those who are accepted, of course.)

I understand they need to continue to keep up their grades if accepted or risk losing admission. My concern is about letting them know about improved grades to enhance his chances of acceptance in the first place, given that they are not looking at test scores (which he got 35 on ACT) and his GPA is a weaker component due to a learning disability. :confused:

I understand. Only submit Mid-year transcripts if requested by the school. They will not look at any extra documentation unless they first initiate the submission. If the student portal allows you to update your Fall grades, then do it there. For the majority of students, decisions are based on what was submitted on the UC application.