UCLA Class of 2025 Discussion

Things are changing all the time. You prob won’t know until it gets closer. Glad you found 2 roommates! Just be prepared you may have to only go with one.

@10s4life My son was accepted to UCLA for aerospace engineering and is torn between attending UCLA or UCI where he got regents. He is concerned that it will be difficult to get classes at UCLA. Do you have any input on what it’s like to get classes and what the engineering program at UCLA is like?

Congrats to him! For engineering it’s a no brainer. UCLAs program is similar academically but the recruitment opportunities among the aerospace defense companies is much better. UCLA is considered a target school by them. Uci is not. UCLA also has one of the best undergrad rocket project teams in the nation. UCLA engineers are also guaranteed classes as long as they’re needed to graduate. I’ve never not gotten a class and even waived all my ap credit, so I started from the beginning having to take every class needed for the major. By junior year I was only taking three classes a quarter and could have graduated a quarter early but stayed my last spring quarter.

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Holy heck. Daughter admitted.


Housing question. My daughter is leaning toward UCLA and understands that
Freshman dorms during a normal time are mostly triple, which is fine. She’s Aero and knows she will have to study!! Are there quiet places to study on the hill without needing reservations? Thank you!!!

Another housing question for anyone who might know more. We were in the “how to get around LA and UCLA” webinar today and the presenter made a comment that she is under the impression that Fall quarter will remain as it is now and Winter will hopefully open up so Freshmen can live on campus. The housing info on the UCLA website made it sound like they were hoping to be able to accommodate Freshman starting in the Fall. Anyone have any more accurate info?

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Thank you for all of your input! I can’t wait to see what my son decides. UCLA sounds like an amazing place to study!

I think housing will be open this fall. Its partially open now and with the UC’s announcing a return to campus already and the current vaccination rate, it will most likely be open. But the situation is always changing and they can’t promise anything yet.

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Sounds good. Keeping my fingers crossed! I talked to my friend that works in the UCLA alumni office yesterday and he says that the plan is to invite students back on campus for housing starting Fall. :grinning:


So one more question. As I understand it, your meal swipes plan is for the hill only. If you want to eat on campus such as grab a coffee or Weitzel’s or a pizza at Blaze, you pay with the money on your Bruin card. Does that sound right?

Money on Bruin Card or credit card. I always used credit cause the Bruin card may not have exact change on it if you are near the end.

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We visited over the weekend. The hotel is nice, clean, decent-price, and right inside of UCLA. The campus is compact, and beautiful. We were lucky to be there when there’s a bit of activities going on: filming crew filming some movie and UCLA games. There’s quite a number of students enjoying the sun at the quad and nearby area. None of the building is opened to public though.

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah alot of students are still hanging around campus! The quads are great places to chill even between classes.

What if my future career choice is labor and delivery nurse and wanna go into nursing but I got accepted into the class of 2025 undeclared life sciences because I was not aware of the nursing application but UCLA has been my dream school since forever and I was the one of the few from my highschool who got accepted and I feel as if I worked hard to get in?

Only you can answer that one. Were you directly admitted to a nursing program at another school? Otherwise your only option is to go to nursing school post graduation if you go to UCLA. Note that you are not in undeclared life science. You won’t be in a major in L&S until you declare one once you finish prereqs.

I agree with @10s4life, unless you are a direct admit for UCLA Nursing as a Freshman, you would have to do a Post Bacc Nursing program after you get your Bachelor’s degree. UCLA does not allow internal transfers.

Option# 2 would attend another school where you got a direct admit for the BSN.

Option# 3 attend a community college and transfer into UCLA’s Nursing program as a Junior level transfer.

I just now submitted my offer for the waitlist- would being closer to the deadline hurt my chances of getting off of the waitlist?

I’m an overseas student who got accepted to study Physics at UCLA and Berkeley. Initially, my intent was to go to LA because of the social scene but after being accepted to Berkeley ( to my surprise), the tables have turned and I really don’t know what to do.

What will I be missing out on if I attend UCLA, and on the contrary, what will be the advantages of UCLA when linking to both the student life and academic aspect (preferrably in detail here)?

Is it also possible to switch majors/ complete a minor in a related subject of interest, and what course of actions would be appropriate for said decision shall I be willing to transfer to Mathematics, for instance?

As for the housing options, I received an email which I shall go through, but are there any general recommendations as to where to live? Do people even live outside of campus?

Cheers to anyone who responds, and I am eager to read your replies.

No, as long as you submit before the deadline is what is important.

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Pater, was your daughter just admitted when you posted a few days ago (such as off the waitlist) or was she admitted back when the initial decisions were released?