UCLA Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

Have you heard of any waves for bio majors?

Is there going to be a wave today?

wait what there was a wave?

there isnt … yet

Okay thanks! Another day of waiting

not that i know of…

The wait is just killing me…

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it’s killing everyone…just nice to know that we are not alone


What engineering major was your friend ? I’m waiting for cse, I hope there’s another round cause I’m getting desperate at this point


they got off for bioengineering on april 30th

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Do you know what time they released those on the 30th?

That’s so cool! I hope that’s us too. I still have little amount of hope for all of us !

Compared to recent years, it seems to be a better year for engineering waitlisters. Don’t lose hope just yet!

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where did you get this information?

Just from reading past threads. Even though the wave was small, engineering waitlisters haven’t experienced a wave in recent years which indicates a lower yield for this year than usual. Also, EE has begun taking waitlisters before LS when LS is known to have more spots than EE.

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Hey could you use COE or Samueli instead of EE for college of engineering so those of us doing electrical engineering don’t have a mini freakout every time someone says EE :slight_smile:

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this school is clowning us :clown:

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Hello, Hunnybee,
By any chance, do you know what kind of stats of your friends have to get off from waiting list for Bioengineering?

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Of course! My apologies