UCLA Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

Based off what Im hearing, it will be on a rolling basis, so it may not be waves anymore , just individuals. And you will get an email if your status page has been updated, if you got in or not, but some say the waitlist decisions can go up until August :sob:

I haven’t heard anything response from the UCLA waitlist on JUNE 1, 2021 YET? I called Administrator/Counselor UCLA said, they’re working on and until the end of June they’ll let us know. very frustrated with the waitlist from UCLA.

I am just looking over last years thread. Looks like some people never even received an email. Just a rejection on their portal on… SEPTEMBER 4th! That’s a long time to wait :cry:

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Anyone been accepted or rejected off the UCLA waitlist for Class of 2025?! We are still waiting to hear and are on pins and needles…


That’s rude. I’m not gonna put a big hope in UCLA then :sob:

Can someone please post the discord link?

At this point were all kinda rejected. Maybe a few out of the thousands of people that accepted the waitlist get accepted but the chance of anyone getting off the waitlist is next to none



A friend of mine got off the UCLA waitlist a week into classes at Berkeley (where she committed)… so that’s like mid/late August!!! (last year)

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That’s cool tho! What major ?

Two years are different

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