UCLA Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

in-state for MCB in L&S

will prolly do CS in L&S as a back up if premed doesnt work

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any movement yet?

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Great school!! Congrats! I’m going to UCI for pre-med also.


There are no posts on A2C that I see where an appeal has been rejected. Can you send a link?

i heard via the a2c discord server from another user. i can ask for a link

i was wrong actually, it was on here. i’m not sure if this is accurate

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Weird I missed that. Haven’t heard of anyone else hearing yet. But thanks for sharing.

So have ANY in-state waitlist acceptances gone out yet??

Only School of Engineering and some of Art not L&S


Anyone heard of anyone getting off waitlist for School of Theatre, Film, Television yet? My daughter - OOS - on waitlist for Theatre/acting

some people have mentioned UCLA’s housing deadline on the 18th as being an indicator that in state results could come out soon after the 18th.

i’m wondering whether this has happened in the past? it seems like there was an in state wave on may 20 last year, but when i looked up the housing deadline for last year, it seems to be june 8? i don’t know if that information is correct, but if it is, would that indicate that the housing deadline wasn’t related to the date of in state admissions off the waitlist last year?


From ucla admissions a few days ago:

“Student offers are made in small batches at a time, with a minimum of three days allowed for a response. In-state offers tend to be delayed as we wait to see how many students who initially accepted our offer will later inform us they have decided to attend another campus.

Again, our goal is to conclude this process by the end of June, but it may stretch into July if we feel that we can accommodate more students off the waitlist.”


any oos acceptance?

Someone on Reddit has been admitted in-state for Neuroscience (L&S) this morning at 11am PST.


Any intl acceptances recently?

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i heard from the a2c discord server that this person may have been trolling because their account history says something about also getting off the jhu wl, but a current UCLA student who got off the wl last year said that they remembered a few in-state acceptances coming out before the major in-state wave on may 20th. take that as you will


So do we think tomorrow is the day?


I think so

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hopefully! :slight_smile: