UCR Fall 2022: Transfer Thread

Just got an email saying my TAG was approved and to check my portal for my official admission decision, portal still does not have admission decision though


Same. Just received an email saying my TAG was approved for Plant Biology. No official admission decision on the portal yet.

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Tag approved = admitted , right?

It should, I guess they like to use very specific wording.

Admission emails are going out for non TAG students as well. Not sure if they are major specific or how they are going to roll out.

Accepted for Data Science (non-TAG) w/regents. 4.0 GPA




Accepted for computer engineer w/ a 3.81 GPA. Didn’t TAG.


By any chance was it also w/ regents? My cousin also got in yesterday w/ regents and I was trying to see if they were sending acceptances with regents first

Accepted for CS with regents!


Nope, no regents !

I am so stressed :weary: still waiting for the decision.

I knowwww right!

I believe UCR just started to give admissions to transfer students. Usually, they give admissions to people who TAG, then people who did not. Don’t stress out.

Also, if any sophomore level transfers got in, please let us know.

I’m not sure how credible that is. My friend who didn’t TAG got in the same day as me.

What is TAG?

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Again it varies. Some people get admission quicker, some don’t(depending on major or where you are transferring from). What I an trying to say is that it’s not too late yet for admission decisions for people who didn’t TAG

Technically, if you take certain transferable classes with a GPA higher than 3.0, you can get in. Gumbymom provided a good resource as well