Ucsb rmp 2021

Personally, as long as, as you said, you didn’t completely wreck your chances, then the interview can only help you. I too was surprised by the questions asked, but I also noticed that many of the questions pertained to the program itself, and seemed to be about how you would fit once they accepted you. If you need reassurance, I have yet to meet someone in a forum who got an interview and wasn’t accepted.

i really appreciate the reassurance. i spent all last night worrying abt how i did to the point where it really drained me mentally. do u think u also stumbled at parts on the interview and could’ve done better? u seemed to have decent confidence in your performance since 7 is a wonderful number to feel in terms of your performance on that 1-10 scale.

Let’s just say that the day after the interview (which is the point you are at), I would’ve given myself a 4. However, after around a week, I started to remember some of the questions they ask and thought to myself that it could have been worse, which is why I think of a 7 now. Trust me, you will prolly feel the same. And about the stumbling, like I said before, my interview could have been 10x better. Around half of my answers were super impromptu and not good, and I could tell by their faces that my answers weren’t that interesting. You now have a week till you get your decisions, so leave the interview behind you, and given enough time and introspection, you’ll know that it could’ve been much worse, and that your answers were actually pretty good.

thank you so much. you have no idea how helpful this is. one particular question they asked me was abt my traits and which ones would described if i had to come up with some without any explanation, and i’m very nervous about my reply bc one of the traits i said was stubborn. i meant it being as a determined aspect where i am very determined to do things even if they don’t work out, but i’m afraid it came across as me not being open-minded, and i know that the program values open minded individuals.

could you by any chance provide a vague list of questions they gave you? (if u can remember)

@saiisawesome21 listed the majority of them up above :slight_smile:


Sorry to say, but it happened

Wait replied to wrong one -

I meant in respond to saiisawesome21 it has happened that you get interview but get rejected.

can anyone review my essays? I am a sophomore and worried… also what were your essays about, and what should i emphasize?

Ope. Sorry to hear. I guess I spoke too soon.

Hey, did you get in? What do you sugget I emphasize on my supplementals?

I just wrote about my passion for gene therapy, and I also talked a little about my homestate and why I was applying to this program from a different part of the country

Oh, have you gotten in yet? Can you review my essays, I can pm

Probably just be genuine. If I remember correctly, the supplemental questions are very direct and ask for specific things, so just make sure you answer the questions and not try to fluff it up.

I have pmed u my doc

i have my interview friday and im trying to practice-- any tips?

how long after you submitted your supplemental did you all get an interview request? I submitted my supplemental 10 days ago.

13 days-- though ive been told thats on the short end

Just got an interview request…hopefully it goes well!