Hey! Does anyone know what the accpentance rate for the program is? Is is competitive, or just “pay to play”?

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UCSB RMP’s acceptance rate last year was about 6%(I went there the last two years, so I know). I know SERA is bigger and is probably less competitive, but I would still expect it to be reasonably competitive. It’s definitely not an apply to get accepted kind of thing


Out of curiosity, has anyone who submitted their app closer to the deadline gotten a response back yet?

I also got waitlisted for Track #4. Hopefully that means I still have a chance of getting in? Idk though.

btw I submitted my application the night before the deadline.

What we’re your stats as someone who got waitlisted?

does anyone know someone who got rejected? cause I’ve only seen acceptances (those who applied earlier/ to less competitive tracks) and people on the waitlist (those who applied later). i’m pretty sure this program is not very competitive at all and the program is based on more of a first come first serve admissions process. but honestly idk, I just want to know if I should pay to attend.


^ True. Does anyone know what their acceptance rate is?

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(Got it. Sorry that I was a little confused. I will ask those who went)
@ffcollege would you mind sharing with us who were the instructors of the program? Were they professors, postdocs, doctors or graduates? What was the chance of maintaining a good relationship with a professor and getting a recommendation?

@SusanWang22 Are you planning to attend the program?

@ls22nj I am accepted, but I am still debating whether I should attend

What are your other options?

Thank you for sharing!! I submitted my application toward SRA several days ago and received five supplemental question to fill out. The admission told me I must fill out these essays for my application to be reviewed by them. Did you write these essays and may you share them ? (If you’re willing to do so, Thank you sooooo much)
Besides, did you attend SRA last year? How was the project going and who become your mentor eventually? (Professor or Ph.D students? ) Sorry to contain so many questions in a reply but I am really curious about it!!

@OHHHHHHHJJJ @al3xisrobles what were the 5 supplemental questions for SRA? Any idea why they make you send in your first personal statement before sending the 5 supp questions? thx!

I do not know why supplemental are sent after personal statement - it is done for both SRA and RMP. The supplemental questions for RMP and SRA are same - the personal statement for SRA varies as for SRA you have to write why you are interested in the two tracks.

Does anyone know if the SRA program is actually competitive? I’m choosing between this and NYU GSTEM.

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Did you end up attend UCSB SRA ?

Were you working with professor or graduate student? were your peers in same group same grade as you?

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