UCSC Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

My D got her Regents, research, tuition and housing (offers) for the 2018-2019 academic year as a CCC transfer. She didn’t attend UCSC, so all were declined.

This year my S received his tuition number, no Regents and we do not meet CalGrant criteria.

We expect the UCD TAG to be about equal, and if by luck he gets into UCB, we expect that to be the lowest offset we will offered. Five days till all will be clear.

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CCC Transfer (orange county)
Major: Ecology and Evolution
GPA: 3.42
IGETC: complete

Accepted: Cal Poly Slo, UC Davis
Rejected: UC Santa Barbra
Pending: UC San Diego


Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.50
Pre-Reqs: Done
Golden 4: All A’s
Local: No, Central Valley.
Work: Not major related. Work full time.

Applied: All the UC’s, except UC Riverside; CSUF, SDSU & Cal Poly SLO.
Accepted: SDSU, CSUF, UC Davis
Waitlisted: UCSC
Denied: Cal Poly SLO, UC Irvine
Pending: UCSB, UCM, UCLA, UCB,


Just coming back to update that I received the Regents Scholarship notification on May 4th…odd that it took so long.

Final decisions:
Accepted: UCSC, SDSU, UCSD
Waitlist: UCLA
Rejected: Berkeley, Cal Poly SLO

“ACCEPTED (TAG) on March 17
Major: Psychology
GPA: 4.0
IGETC: Completed
Prerequisites: 4 completed, 1 in progress”

I just received the regents scholar email as well. I got in on the 17th so it was quite a while ago but it’s nice to be recognized none the less!

I got my financial aid package and I didn’t get an email for regents but I did get a university grant, and a health grant, is that different?

Usually the University Grant and the Health Grant are need-based financial aid. Regents is a merit based scholarship given to the top 1-2% of admitted students. Regents could have a need-based component.

is transfer admission from the waitlist dependent on how many freshman decide to attend?

no, it’s based on how many transfers decide to attend

some waitlisted freshman got accepted today… are transfers hearing back anytime soon from the waitlist?

most likely not until june. freshman commit deadline was 1 may which makes sense why they’ve heard back now. our commit deadline is 1 june which means we have to wait until after that day to hear back

I wonder when we get to pick housing I got an email saying first year freshmen and new transfer students get to pick housing first. I’m hoping because we have credits that transfer us as transfers get to pick housing before any one?