UCSC Science Internship Program 2021

In my personal statement, I described my previous experience at an engineering program at UC Berkeley and how that developed my skills as a researcher. In the program I worked on creating an algorithm for a water filtration system (the program had to be modified due to COVID) and how I had to learn to anticipate failure and accept the fact that my project would not be entirely as I envisioned.

As for my subject interests, I used a basic formula of writing about my own personal experience in the field and how that experience has prepared me to be a scientist.
For computational media, I wrote about designing a video game for my introductory computer class (the project had to be pseudo-code since we didn’t have enough time to learn Python) and how much patience and satisfaction I got out of the project. Then I connected it back to a few of the specific projects (Game Making, Virtual Reality) and how I have the skills necessary to succeed in those projects. However, I also made sure my essay was direct to the point and I ended up not using the entire word limit.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Hopefully I will be able to see you at SIP!

I don’t know much about the waitlist policy, so contact them and ask if you could send a LOCI. In the email, show that you are still deeply interested in the program but don’t come off a little too strong. Maybe try mentioning a few specific projects?

I hope that helps, and sorry if it doesn’t. But maybe you’ll have a chance of getting off the waitlist for psych since it’s a bigger field.

thank you so much this was very informative!

Hi there! I also got into computational media!!! I havent been able to get to the deposit on my iris account and was wondering if others are having the same issue. When I go into Iris registration it only shows the $60 application fee and when I try to enter the link or the “code” sip2021 to make a new registration it still creates another $60 app fee. I emailed the sip team but I haven’t gotten a response yet so I’m getting a tad bit nervous haha.

Also for general info

It says that there is a 19% acceptance rate this year (250/1300) assuming all 250 spots were filled up.

When I enter my Iris account, the balance for the deposit shows up. I’m not sure as to why it isn’t showing up for you. Did you click the second link in the acceptance email? If you did, did you enter using the same account for the application fee or did you use another account? If it isn’t these issues, then maybe something went wrong on the SIP team’s part. It could be another problem with the system, similar to how there was an issue with admission notifications.

On a side note, which project did you get into? I was selected for the Game - Making Tools Survey.

Wow, the acceptance rate is a lot lower than I thought. Is this the result of the program going fully online or due to an overall trend? The article mentions that the remote format may have encouraged more international students to apply, but I don’t believe that could have caused such a major spike.

Yeah, for sure remote encouraged more people to apply, but I think over the years they’ve also been expanding the number of seats at the same time. From other threads its seems that the 15-20% acceptance rate is how it’s been for the past couple of years.

Thanks for your help but I think it might just be a problem with the software then. The SIP team emailed me back and they’re trying to fix it so it should all turn out ok!

Aw we aren’t in the same group I got 360-Degree Video-Based Virtual Reality Game Development!

Sorry I couldn’t help you, but it’s good to hear the SIP team contacted you back!

Wow, you’re really lucky to have gotten the virtual reality project! That was my top project choice, but it was most likely very popular. Kudos to you for being able to get a spot!

Just out of curiosity, did you apply as a Bay Area student?

I was accepted into ocean science, but I’m not sure if I want to do it. I wanted to get psychology and I didn’t even write an essay for ocean sciences. ughh now I’m really conflicted on whether I should continue or not.

Any high-school freshman got wait listed? I got WL, so trying to assess the hit rate for current freshmen…

I feel the dilemma…did you end up continuing with the program?

did u end up sending a letter of continued interest?

Ya I still continued becuase the project that I got assigned to seemed really interesting.

nice!! have fun : )

Hey has anyone tried to pay the full payment yet? I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not but the iris page thing is not working whenever I try to log in. Is this happening to any of you too?

i can log in but it doesn’t give an option to submit full payment… they’ll prolly email us later with more details later on i guess

So has anyone gotten off the WL? I havent ;(

ahh ok thank you!