Ucsc sip 2022

Anyone get off the waitlist?

has anyone paid the full 4000$ tuition yet? I logged back into iris and it’s only shown that I’ve paid my deposit, with no option to pay the full tuition.

I sent an email to SIP a few days ago regarding the Iris portal not being updated to accept final payment. I have not heard back.

Just got off the waitlist for BME!


same. Sent an email but got the “very busy email” response.

Finally, got an email just now, we have till Friday May 13th to pay the remaining amount and sign a docusign thing

Congrats! If it is okay with you, could I take a look at your letter of continued interest? Thank you so much!

is anyone down to make a group chat for all the students participating in SIP this year?

there is a discord if you would like me to send it

Yes plz!

Any current freshman (or rising sophomore) got off the waitlist recently?

dm on discord drf#5565

there is a discord server!! you can find the link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/summerprogramresults/comments/upvhz7/ucsc_sip_discord_server/

PLEASE only accepted interns join. no parents or prospective applicants allowed!!