UCSD Class of 2023

I’m still not seeing the tweet, but I trust you guys:)

I think they don’t give a specific date and time for a reason. To create chaos and hype about their school. It’s so stressful for families.

So last year the calls were done after acceptances, I am an accepted students (from last year). The calls mean nothing.

And last year acceptances came out at 4:30 pm. I remember because I was on the bus when the decision came out.

What time zone are you in?

I am in San Diego.

They also don’t want to be specific to protect their server from being overloaded. Then everyone’s pissed when the “sorry server not available” message goes up!

If anyone has any questions Id be more than happy to answer :slight_smile:
My major is Neurobiology in Muir College.
I also received the Chancellors.

@Frijolito467 Ok, my question is: If I give 150K can you say my kid played Water Hockey and has a SAT of 1800 get him into UCSD?


So what do y’all think. Decisions today??

@Frijolito467 Is the Chancellors same as the Regents, or a separate thing? Is it released together with the admission decision? Thanks

@putinator i hope so, im in rural georgia so im not hearing until 6pm

I agree @lesimpson4 . Tbh you’re OOS so if it helps I’d worry less. The UC’s LOVE Out of State kids :slight_smile:

yeah, I got accepted to uc davis with a 3.55 weighted gpa and 33 act which was very surprising

actually, UCs are limited in the amount of OOS students they accept, starting from this year.

3.55 weighted on 4.0 scale

idk if you are being sarcastic but UCSD has a 7% acceptance rate for OOS students.

… thats not acceptance rate… that means 7% of ucsd incoming freshmans were oos…lol

read the left side after clicking link

Regents is based solely on merit, I believe. And Chancellors is based on first-generation status,financial need, California resident, personal statements, etc…

For Chancellors you get
a) Priority enrollment, beginning Winter quarter of your first year
b) Depending on income, full-ride. Including money back
c) Resources in college - events only for CASP students (you get to meet the chancellor a lot)

In not sure about Regents.

I found out about the Chancellors when I got the estimated financial aid because it was written on the estimated financial aid paper.