UCSD Class of 2023

So what do y’all think. Decisions today??

@Frijolito467 Is the Chancellors same as the Regents, or a separate thing? Is it released together with the admission decision? Thanks

@putinator i hope so, im in rural georgia so im not hearing until 6pm

I agree @lesimpson4 . Tbh you’re OOS so if it helps I’d worry less. The UC’s LOVE Out of State kids :slight_smile:

yeah, I got accepted to uc davis with a 3.55 weighted gpa and 33 act which was very surprising

actually, UCs are limited in the amount of OOS students they accept, starting from this year.

3.55 weighted on 4.0 scale

idk if you are being sarcastic but UCSD has a 7% acceptance rate for OOS students.

… thats not acceptance rate… that means 7% of ucsd incoming freshmans were oos…lol

read the left side after clicking link

Regents is based solely on merit, I believe. And Chancellors is based on first-generation status,financial need, California resident, personal statements, etc…

For Chancellors you get
a) Priority enrollment, beginning Winter quarter of your first year
b) Depending on income, full-ride. Including money back
c) Resources in college - events only for CASP students (you get to meet the chancellor a lot)

In not sure about Regents.

I found out about the Chancellors when I got the estimated financial aid because it was written on the estimated financial aid paper.

I wasn’t being sarcastic. I think there is an about 20% enrollment cap for OOS so UCs will have to adjust their acceptance rate for OOS.

Yes, UCLA Admissions has a separate account. @UCLAAdmission

@lesimpson4 @Frijolito467: For UCSD 2018, the admit rate for OOS applicants was 51% however only 7% of the admitted OOS students actually enrolled most likely due to financial costs. OOS applicants get little to no financial aid so $65K/year is a high price to pay.

@Gumbymom can u PM me the info for OOS for the other UCs?

I can afford it so price isn’t a worry for me but UCSD is my second choice behind umiami @gumbymon

@lesimpson4: Best of luck with either school.

@Gumbymom I believe that the 51% acceptance rate for OOS students is incorrect. If I recall, I think some UC schools capped their acceptances for OOS students to 18%…


I hope UCSD comes out today !

Are we sure UCSD is gonna come out today?