UCSD Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

UCD is a good choice. UCSD is way overcrowded and classes are very competitive. Straight A’s in high school mean nothing.

Daughter rejected from waitlist yesterday (in-state bio). 2 other classmates also rejected. These are kids with 4.5 gpa and over. I could go off on a long tangent but will hold back…

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Right there with ya!

Are you sure it was yesterday or before that? I’m currently still on the waitlist for bio in-state.

Really don’t know exactly what UCs mean when they say their waitlist is unranked. My guess is GPA doesn’t matter at this stage of the game. Otherwise, high stat students should have admitted months ago instead of waitlisted. UCSD is known to use lottery system to admit students who want to switch to capped major like CS, it is likely this is what it do to waitlist too.


See last Q&A on page 5, it sounds like waitlist appeal has the same deadline as regular rejects’ appeal.

The linked document is from 2011. The current version says waitlisted students are not allowed to appeal. I’ve emailed admissions twice to ask about this, including why they would disadvantage more qualified waitlisters in favor of less qualified outright-denials who can appeal, but all they keep saying is “applicants on the waitlist cannot appeal.”


kinda late but rejected off waitlist.